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How do I let UnimNumberEdit allow me to put a '0' on the left?

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How do I let UnimNumberEdit allow me to put a '0' on the left?


For example:

I have two situations.


1st Situation:

I need to put in a field the prefix of the phone 069, but when I leave the field it is only 69.


2nd Situation:

I have a vehicle registration, and in this register I inform him of his license as follows. In a UniEdit I inform the letters of the board: NBH and in a field UnimNumberEdit I must inform the numbers of the board: 0985, but when I leave the field UnimNumberEdit automatically it converts to 985. The final result should be NBH-0985, but it's getting NBH-985.


So I need the UnimNumberEdit field to accept 0 on the left.


Is there any way to do this?

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