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How to work TUniForm.AlignmentControl

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Can some one explain how to work "How to work TUniForm.AlignmentControl"

Because much(???) useful explain in help file....
This is AlignmentControl, a member of class TUniForm.

First screenshot on designtime.

L_1 is TUniLabel.

"Header" is TUniLabel. Align := alTop; Alignment:= taCenter;

Two UniButtons on TUniSimplePanel. and Panel's Align := alBottom;


Here we go:

On Second screenshot (from left) TUniForm.AlignmentControl := uniAlignmentClient;

header label and buttons showing normal. But why UniLabel1 goes there ??? ıy's top is 40


On third Screenshot (TUniForm.AlignmentControl := uniAlignmentServer;=

UniLabel1 is now view normal, I mean where I put it on designtime. But at this time header label and buttons are not rigth place.


How can make design ?????




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Continue to first message.

First screenshot from design time. Added TUniPanel and Align := alClient. Color change to yellow. And Added unilabel1 on This panel

Second screenshot on runtime

You can see yellow area (Panel) why what is that white area ? and whyPanel.Caption print to Top ???

Form.AligmentControl is uniAlignmentClient

Is this bug or what is my mistake?




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In 1467 space area is fixed.


At this time, Right and Bottom space has a problem. Fallow to screenshot.

1-) On Top component is TUniLable and Align := alTop;

2-) On Bottom. color is lime. Its TUniSimplePanel. And Align:= alBottom;

3-) In TUniSimplePanel has two TUniBitBtn. And that's align alLeft and alRight





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