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Restart of "Stand Alone Server"


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Hi Farshad,


In the older version of uniGui i was using something like this function for restarting the "Stand Alone Server".


function RestApp: Boolean;
 FullProgPath: PAnsiChar;
 FullProgPath := PAnsIChar(Application.ExeName);
 WinExec(FullProgPath, SW_SHOW);
 Result := True;


Now i'm trying to shutdown the engine and no luck. Do you have a trick or am i missing something.


Thank you for your answer.



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Thank you Farshad.


Only for explanation why i need it. Its for a configuration windows of the engine and database like ado or mysql. By pushing the "save" button the server save the config to registry or file and restart it self. Be ruining its detect that there is configuration and use it.

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