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Difficulties with Mobile Area Chart

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I'm using uniGUI Complete Trial Edition 1.10.0 Build 1464.


I need to display an area chart with two series on both desktop and mobile. Desktop works as expected, but mobile versions have two problems that I have been unable to solve:

  • The chart legend initially appears, but when the data is loaded into the chart, the legend no longer appears on the mobile version.
  • The chart does not "stack" on the mobile version (one series overlays the other).

Are these known limitations or is there something I should be aware of that makes the mobile versions different from the desktop versions.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Thanks for the reply. I spent some time exploring some alternatives but have been unable to completely resolve my problems. There seem to be two separate issues I'm encountering. Note that these apply to mobile components. Desktop components will stack correctly. However, I don't know if desktop uniTabPanel has the same problem as the mobile version.

  • The chart legend disappears. This occurs when the chart is placed on a unimTabPanel. If the chart is not on a unimTabPanel, the Legend seems to work correctly.
  • The unimAreaSeries do not stack, under any conditions that I was able to determine.

A complete demo of the problem can be downloaded at the public repository https://github.com/Pasquina/uniGUIAreaChart.git


See the README.md file for a more complete explanation.


Thanks in advance for looking into this.

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I'm trying to wrap up my evaluation of uniGUI and would like to understand whether this issue is a coding problem of mine or if it is a uniGUI problem that will be addressed at some point.


Can you provide any guidance on this?


Many thanks,



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