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Connection log parameters

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Could someone please explain the connection log parameters?

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Hi Farshad,


Could you please help with this question?

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  • Enabled;

    • Enables connection failure recovery when a connection issue is detected. If false an error message will be displayed and no retry will happen.

  • DetailedLog;

    • Logs detailed information about recovery process.

  • FullSequenceLog;

    • For debug purpose only. Logs all sequences received from client.

  • LogEnabled;

    • Enable writing into connection log file. When false no Connection log file wil be created.

  • ErrorMessage;

    • Error shown on screen when a connection failure is detected.

  • RetryMessage;

    • Message when it starts to retry connecting to the server.

  • ShowMessage;

    • If False, no text message will be shown to end user.

  • TextColor;

    • Color of text message.

  • ShowMaskAfterErrorCount;

    • Show an error message only after this amount of retry. For example if you set to 10, user will be aware of a connection issue after 10 times retry in the background.

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