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Not catching URI with DLL

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Running as localhost I can easily catch the PATH_INFO part of a URI, like http://localhost:8077/test


But not when using a DLL under Apache, only get HTTP Exception: "HTTP/1.1 302 Found"

and invalid session if I try in the browser.


Then trying to fish out the suggested Location info from the header, I got nothing.


I am trying the format https://myserver.com/appfolder/app.dll/testuri- but not working.


I had a rewrite for redirecting http to https, but removing that did not affect this.

Using httpClient.HandleRedirects := True; did not affect the issue.



Anyone had the same issue, or know about a fix?


Update: tried on IIS 8.5, same thing. Only invalid session.


Seems like it is not possible to trigger the OnHTTPCommand when running as ISAPI?


Nobody ever tried that? This must be a URL rewrite issue...

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I wrote those few lines I needed in PHP, since I already have the apache server running.


So no crisis at all, as there are many ways to Rome.


But still curious :)

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I have the same problem... ISAPI dont catch the URI for example.


My website work's fine localhost:8077/api for example

But when convert into ISAPI, i cant call "api" 

give-me error

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I noticed there were some "/Handleevent" or whatever PATH_INFO coming in

when it ran as localhost, but silent at HTTPCommand when running under ISAPI.


It made me wonder - is the framework sending requests to itself through this

interface, and what if that is blocked under ISAPI? Are we missing something?

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