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Gabriel Fabrega

Undo UniDBGrid Sorting

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Hello guys!


I have a UniDBGrid with some columns with the "Sortable" property enabled and the "OnColumnSort" event scheduled. Basically, I enter the field in the "IndexFieldName" property of TADQuery.

However, I need to clear this order ... Return to the original sort order, which is in the SQL query. Even closing and opening the query and clearing the property "IndexFieldName", prevails the ordering of the column that was clicked.


How to clear the ordering of the UniDBGrid columns?


Sorry for English. I'm brazilian.


Thank you!

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One possible solution maybe:

procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  UniDBGrid1.JSInterface.JSCall('store.sorters.clear', []);
  //UniDBGrid1.JSInterface.JSCall('view.refresh', []);

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