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New forum section?


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I'd like to propose new forum area for general Delphi coding related questions.  I'm aware that there are already 'General'-section, but in my opinion, that should be reserved for uniGUI related questions. My reasoning for this is that there are often very basic beginner level coding questions that don't have anything to do with uniGUI. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be such questions, but I think that they should be placed in their own section.


What do you think? Bad idea?


// Mika

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Hello good Morning. Initially, congratulations on the product. But as a tip,:

- would it be possible to already put BadgeText on all Button components?

- Would not it also be interesting to insert a Toast component into the Desktop?

- In the ScreenMask property of the buttons, we can choose the jpg for the user to perceive better. This jpg could be in the center of the screen.

"And finally, something like Grow.

All these objects had to buy from third parties. I think it would further enrich unigui (Desktop and Mobile)

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