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Connection Server Problem "As Service"

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Hello Friends,


This is not an unigui problem, 

but a network config : 

Thank you for your expertise.


I tried many attempts but...mmm...

And my customer is very grumpy.


Here are details :

- I deployed my  unigui application "as service" in a good PC (the "server"  =     i5, 8 Go RAM, windows 10, 64 bits) on local network (10 PC).

- Some of these PC have win 7 / 32bit, others have win7 / 64 bits, and others have win 10/  64bits.


- all of them have the same workgroup, and same familly IP (a classical config) :  then 21  22    etc...

DNS prefered:


On Server Side :

- Antivirus not activate 

- FireWall server :  inbound Rules Addded and  activated : Service World Wide Web (HTTP) = authorized. 

- FireWall server :  allow a program via firewall :   MyApplication.exe   and   Service World Wide Web (HTTP)



On Client Side :

- When opening the browser google Chrome on a client PC and tape  :  to launch my UniguiApplication

  The message appears  :  "PC  bloqued the conection. try  ...."

- Antivirus activate and no Activate :  same problem

- All CLient PC have a good ping :  ping 192.1681.11  gives a good response !!!



The good news :

I disconnected the switch from others PC and  conneted just one Client PC with the server :  this works fine.


So what could be the problem in your opignon ?

Last detail :  they have a network cabinet 


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There where 2 identical Computer Name on the same WorkGroup.

(windows did'nt notice me that !)

Sorry for the Alert.

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Expertise :


If your browser can'not open your application (As Service),

Here is a Step by Step checking your network configuration :

Please Check this :
1. Ping
First of all, Ping your server from all computers on your local network :
example : 
tape on DOS windows (cmd) :
 ping  (good response)
2. FireWall ( ON YOUR SERVER ) :
- Windows FireWall : Advanced settings :  Add Exception to
     --> your Application (and your RDBM FireBird or MySQL,...) --> Athorise a Program
     --> your Port  /  Input Bounds (Rules Incoming Trafic )  :  8077  ,  8078  ,   8079  ....  (if you changed ports)
- Activate : Service World Wide Web (http)  and (https if necessary)
- Windows Defender : Add Exception to your application
  (Windows Defender on win 10, "is angry"  !)
3. Service World Wilde Web (ON YOUR SERVER) :
On Settings Panel > Program Fonctionality > add
  . Service IIS 
  . Service World Wilde Web (important)
4. And the last one I found it yesterday - important  (ON YOUR CLIENT SIDE) :
 Update your Browser (Download the last version)
Best Regards.
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