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TUniDBGrid RowEditor shows hidden/invisible columns


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I have a similar problem:


I must show/hide DBUniGrid columns by program (Grid.Columns[x].visible:=false  or  Grid.Columns[x].visible:=true).

It works ok, but if I set a UniMemo as editor in one column in order to use roweditor, when I set this "visible" property I get an AJAX Error:


: Grid:TUniDBGrid:Config Option: 02E9 -> grow.true<br>is

refering a previous request, <br>it's not allowed in AJAX request or

JS handler. <br> Use equivalent Public Property or Method instead.


I can't catch this as an exception.


If I set another control like a TUniEdit I dont get this error, but I need a big control to edit data from the row. 


Please help


Antonio Torregrosa

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