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Maintaining State - Session Variables


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Hi Farshad,


Can I keep a variable for the entire session? For example, I created a variable as class variable in MainModule, called AUser:




TUniMainModule = class(TUniGUIMainModule)

procedure UniGUIMainModuleCreate(Sender: TObject);


{ Private declarations }


{ Public declarations }

AUser: string;





Every time you refresh browser (IE, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc) MainModule is newly created, always changes UniApplication.UniSession.SessionID.


UniApplication.UniSession.SessionID would not have to be maintained for the same connection?


If UniApplication.UniSession.SessionID changes, I cannot put AUser variable in OnCreate event of MainModule (AUser := EmptyStr). Where can I put this variable so that its value persists throughout the session, That is, until the browser window is closed or the user run off from my system?

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