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Problem installing unigui

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Hi, i have make a fresh install of Windows 10,

after that installed Delphi Seattle, started the software and then i'm trying to install unigui, the latest build (1425).


I try to install everything exactly in the same order with your installation instructions, but i get all the time this error bellow

I never has a problem with the same version so i don't understand what i;m doing wrong



[dcc32 Fatal Error] uSynEdit_R2019.dpk(30): E2225 Never-build package 'designide' must be recompiled

[dcc32 Fatal Error] uSynEdit_D2019.dpk(35): E2202 Required package 'uSynEdit_R2019' not found


I have attached screenshots from the errors and the library paths.


Hope you can help me out

Thanks in advance




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Yes this was my error!!!


I solved this by reinstalling Delphi, after that like you say open Delphi first, checked the library paths and then install unigui again.


Thanks a lot

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i had install FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.10.0.1456, but after install unigui component was gone from Deplhi XE7 IDE. Need answer asap. tq. 

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