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I am developing a chat in an application using the SGCWebSocket library, I was able to do the exchange of messages and the list of my users when connecting and disconnecting in the system, however I am encountering some problems when accessing objects in the client application when I try to access the objects in an event of the SGC protocols, generating an access violation.


below has the source code that I use in the onEvent of the message protocol, the commented line is where error occur,  when trying to display a notification on the screen(groChat.Show;):

procedure TfrChat.WSProtClientEvent(Connection: TsgcWSConnection; const Channel,
  Text: string);
  groChat : TIDSiGrowl;
        groChat := TIDSiGrowl.Create(nil);
        groChat.Text := Text;
        groChat.Title := Channel;
//        groChat.Show;

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Could you perhaps show some code how you integrated SGCWebSocket in an uniGUI application?

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