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[SOLVED] Command substitute for CurrentRowSelected

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I have a uniDBGrid with some selected items.
I want to do a routine to execute only the items marked on the Grid.
In normal Delphi it has the command:
For I to DBGrid1.SelectedRows.Count - 1 then
    if DBGrid1.SelectedRows.CurrentRowSelected = True then
But I did not find similar in uniGui.
how do I do? Can anyone help?
Thank you
procedure TFm_Form.btSaveClick(Sender: TObject);
  I: Integer;
  B : TBookmark;
  varAtualiza : boolean;
   varAtualiza := False;
   if Gr_Grade.SelectedRows.Count > 0 then begin
      B := DataSet.GetBookmark;
      for I := 0 to Gr_Grade.SelectedRows.Count - 1 do begin
            varAtualiza := True;
   if varAtualiza = True then begin
      uniMainModule.SQLTempo.CommandText := 'update pokayoke a set a.situation = 0 where a.id=:id';
      uniMainModule.SQLTempo.params[0].AsInteger := 1;


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Sorry maybe I did not understand you correctly, but UniDBGrid ->.SelectedRows property already "includes" marked records


Have you seen this demo for example?:

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