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GuessGame Demo Fails To Compile - Tokyo

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Many Demos use the pngimage.pas file making them non-compileable.


{Copy interlaced images with 1 byte for R, G, B}

procedure TChunkIDAT.CopyInterlacedRGB8(const Pass: Byte;

  Src, Dest, Trans{$IFDEF Store16bits}, Extra{$ENDIF}: pChar);


  Col: Integer;


  {Get first column and enter in loop}

  Col := ColumnStart[Pass];

  Dest := pChar(Longint(Dest) + Col * 3);


    {Copy this row}

    Byte(Dest^) := fOwner.GammaTable[pByte(Longint(Src) + 2)^]; inc(Dest);

    Byte(Dest^) := fOwner.GammaTable[pByte(Longint(Src) + 1)^]; inc(Dest);

    Byte(Dest^) := fOwner.GammaTable[pByte(Longint(Src)    )^]; inc(Dest);


    {Move to next column}

    inc(Src, 3);

    inc(Dest, ColumnIncrement[Pass] * 3 - 3);

    inc(Col, ColumnIncrement[Pass]);

  until Col >= ImageWidth;


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