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UniStringGrid Cell number limit ??

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I've have a big unistringgrid (I know, it's not necessary a good idea)

She have an ajax event to detect on which cell the user has clicked


This one has 111 columns.


At the begin there was arounf 100 rows and all was working good


Then there is 320 rows and i got an error message :


gridinst:TunistringGrid:Config Option:O108

fxcols:0 is refering a previous request

It's not allowed in AJAX request or JS Handler

Use equivalent public property or Methode Instead.


When executing step by step, this message appears only when the grid is showing (not when it's loading)


If I limit for exemple to load only 200 rows (whatever if there are the 200 first or the 200 last of my data, and i got less than 400 rows, so all data are tested), then everything is fine.


So, i begin to ask if there is a limitation on the cell number in unistringgrid (like 32768 cells for exemple) perhaps in the ajax event mechanism ?


What solution do I have ? (using unidbstringgrid will not be a solution here)


Thank's for reply



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It's funny :

I've found the solution :

It's in my dawcell procedure :

I have a test here to align right or left

Since the begin of pascal, i use the val function to test if a string is a valid number or not.

But, val make a invalid float error when the number is to high even if the value is extended !

So, replacing val by trystrtofloat with my extended value works fine.

Sorry for this message but if someone got the same error in a unistringgrid, he will find here a possible solution.

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