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Found 6 results

  1. thiagopedro

    UniMemo set text...

    MainForm.UniEdit SetValue("TEXT"); ==> OK MainForm.UniLabel SetText("TEXT"); ==> OK MainForm.UniMemo ?????
  2. A.Soltani

    Selected line by clicking on UniMemo

    Hi How can select line by click in UniMemo? Best Regards.
  3. Hello, i'm searching to copy selected text from a UniMemo1 to clipboard and paste text from clipboard to Unimemo2. can you give me a solution please ? Thank you;
  4. MarkLince

    UniMemo and html

    Hi, I Know there is UniHtmlMemo but, is there anyway a Unimemo can use html to display any formatting of text? The reason I ask is that using Fastreports and its memoview component can only understand very basic html tags so unihtmlmemo is too much for it to handle. If UniMemo can do html I want to create my own editor to only handle basic html tags which fastreports memoview can read from a db. If that makes any sense to anyone! Mark
  5. dunham

    create UniMemo at runtime

    Hello, i 'm creating a memo at runtime but it doesn't appear on the form, can you explain please what's wrong with this code ? var MyMemo:TuniMemo; begin MyMemo:= TUniMemo.Create(Self); MyMemo.Name:='MyMemo'; MyMemo.Left:=10; MyMemo.Top:=10; MyMemo.Width:=164; MyMemo.Height:=89; MyMemo.Hint:=''; MyMemo.Visible:=true; MyMemo.BringToFront; end; Test.zip
  6. Marlon Nardi

    interesting features

    Add TUniImageList UniBitBtn property equal to the button of DevExpress Add to EmptyText property in the following components: UniComboBox, UniDBComboBox, UniDBEdit, UniMemo, UniDBMemo Add to allowBank property components Input: