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Found 3 results

  1. implemente

    doenter e doexit

    criei um componente descendente do tuniedit. ai dei um override no método doexit e doenter. so que durante a execução do projeto mesmo entrando e saindo do edit ele simplesmente nao chama os métodos que estão no doenter e no doexit. alguém ai sabe como proceder com isso? I created a descending component of tuniedit. I gave an override in the doexit and doenter method. During the execution of the project even entering and leaving the edit it simply does not call the methods that are in doenter and doexit. Does anyone know how to proceed with this?
  2. chrisjohn82

    TuniEdit fontcolor and background color

    Hello everybody, I wonder if it's possible to change the font color and background color of TuniEdit, when you hover over the component with the mouse, i figured out how to do it on a button but not with the TuniEdit. There should be some way to do it in clientEvents? All suggestions are more than welcome. Best Regards Christian
  3. I have a TuniEdit with an OnKeyPress event. It seems to work fine and get all the chars I'm interested in including the CR<#13>. HOWEVER, it appears that the BACKSPACE<#08> character is totally ignored. So, basically, my event never gets called when the user is using the backspace to ALTER the contents of the field. Luckily, the onChange event DOES happen as I change the edit field with the backspace key. Very wierd the that OnChange recognizes the keypress, but the OnKeyPress does NOT. Am I missing something? Davie