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Found 20 results

  1. is there any sample on how to create columns in unidbgrid during runtime ?
  2. Hi , Is it posible to change backgroud color for row editor in TUniDBGrid
  3. Jean-Marc Kiener

    TUniDBGrid: Selection lost on enter

    Hi, i updated to unigui version Now i have a problem in a modal search form who contains a TUniDBGrid. The grid has dgRowSelect, dgCheckSelect and dgMultiSelect set to true, so the user can select serveral rows with the keyboard. When hit the enter key i take the selected rows and do some things. I have a OnKeyDown event on the grid to catch enter key. Before updating to the new version all works like expected. Now the behaviour of the grid has changed. Immediatly after hitting enter key the selection is lost. I am not able to get the selected rows and take some action with the enter key. You can try it for yourself in "GridCheckSelect" demo. Add a OnKeyDown event handler to the grid and see whats happening. Selection is lost after hitting the enter key. Is this a bug or a wanted new behaviour of the Grid?
  4. Olá pessoal, estou utilizando a versão: FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.50.0.1482_Trial Tenho um campo 'id' em um 'clientdataset', no evento 'OnValidate' quando se informa um id valido ele atualizar o campo 'descricao'. Mas a grid não atualiza o valor da coluna referente ao campo 'descricao', só quando salva, teria alguma forma de atualizar o valor da grid dinamicamente sem precisar dar o '.Post'?
  5. Hi, When I change the TUniDBGrid.Weboptions.PageSize in runtime, this change is not reflected in the component. Doing a repaint of the control also does not help. Anyone has an idea what can be done to 'repaint' the grid with the changed PageSize ?
  6. Bruno Ruiz


    Olá bom dia galera... sou novo no forum e na ferramenta Uni, porem estou desenvolvendo alguns componentes usando o framework UNIGui, e um caso onde estou quebrando cabeça é com a TUNIDBGrid. Eu criei uma grid minha onde quero ter algumas propriedades minhas em suas colunas, mas não consigo. Sempre eu adiciono uma nova coluna na grid, por mais que eu tenha herdado tudo bunitinho sempre me é retornado uma coluna do tipo TVCLDBColumn, isso acontecer por isso: function TUniCustomDBGrid.GetColumns: TUniDBGridColumns; begin if Supports(VCLProxy, IUniCustomDBGrid) then Result := (VCLProxy as IUniCustomDBGrid).Columns else Result := FColumns; end; Alguém ja precisou fazer algo parecido com o que eu quero fazer e tenha conseguido ter exito?
  7. Hi , If TUniDBGrid.Grouping.Enabled = True Is it posible(how) to change/setup (runtime) background colour under group header row area. Pls, find attached excample picture Thanks
  8. Based on following discussion: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5358-unidbgrid-get-set-sorting-state-of-column/ It would be importand if we could get/set the sorting status of a column by code. Something like TUniDBGrid.columns[0].Sort(asc); TUniDBGris.colimns[0].SortingState; (ssNone, ssAsc, ssDesc) Then we could save and reset the sort state of a grid. At moment, if you open a form with a grid, you can not set the column shown as sorted which is actually sorted in the dataset behind. So, if the user clicks on the column header, nothing occurs but the header is shown as sorted, what it already was before..
  9. kkelchev

    TUniDBGrid multiselect clear(reset)

    Hi to all. What is right way to clear(reset) present row selection in TUniDBGrid. I could do that with Close-Open on dataset but I wandering for something like: TUniDBGrid.ClearSelection Thanks Kamen
  10. Hi Apologies for what might be a beginner question, but is there an obvious/easy/trivial way to respond to the runtime resizing of the client side browser and consequently anchored (or aligned) DBGrid, so that the page size used by the DBGrid matches the visible size in the browser? Thanks.
  11. The grid currently only supports multi-select if dgRowSelect is set to true. It would be handy if it also supported multi-select when dgRowSelect is false.
  12. tcoates

    Column selection in TuniDbGrid

    when the user clicks on the title button (column headings) in a UnidbGrid a drop down menu appears where the user can "sort ascending", "sort descending" and "columns" and then choose which columns to display etc. after the user has selected columns to show/hide is there some event that is fired to the indicate this has changed? I need to be able to store what column were selected the user for use elsewhere in the program. eg available fields which the user can perform search, contained in frame on bottom half of page (/frame). the alternative would be to load/store some values when the grid is the loaded/closed etc, but would prefer to only have to store such information if changed by the user. And, I need to know what column are selected for display after the user has accessed that menu. thanks,
  13. Hi, I would like to change TUniDBGrid's appearance in runtime (e.g. show/hide filter panel - see code snipped). var i : Integer; aDoActivateFilter : Boolean; begin aDoActivateFilter := not (dgFilterClearButton in FFrameGrid.Options); FFrameGrid.BeginUpdate; if aDoActivateFilter then FFrameGrid.Options := FFrameGrid.Options + [dgFilterClearButton] else FFrameGrid.Options := FFrameGrid.Options - [dgFilterClearButton]; for I := 0 to FFrameGrid.Columns.Count - 1 do if Assigned(FFrameGrid.Columns[i].Filtering.Editor) then FFrameGrid.Columns[i].Filtering.Enabled := aDoActivateFilter; FFrameGrid.EndUpdate; How do I accomplish a complete refresh of TUniDBGrid? TIA.
  14. Hello, is it possible programmatically call row editor (RowEditor := true) on selected row. Thanks in advance, Ilia
  15. Hello Can Someone tell me how can I change the value of a cell from a UniDBGrid at OnDrawColumnCell event? I need to change the text from some of the cells with it's translated equivalent. Thank you, Daniel
  16. Hello, Is it possible to keep the selected rows of TUniDBGrid after dataset refreshing? Or even totally unlink the connection between TUniDBGrid selection and TDataSet cursor position?
  17. Hello, Is there an event that is triggered when the user sets columns visibility from TUniDBGrid header?
  18. Jean-Marc Kiener

    button column for UniDBGrid

    I should have a column in my DBGrid who shows a button. With a click on this button, i would open another form, showing details of the clicked data row. Can that be done?
  19. Is it possible that I enable Grouping in a UniDBGrid, but that I initially leave the field Grouping.Fieldname blank? Currently when I do that, the menu options 'Group by this Field' and 'Show in groups' aren't displayed in the pull down menu of the column titles. So by default I don't want any grouping done, but I want to give my end users the possibility to use it if they want to. Br Arend