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Found 4 results

  1. marcos.digirotas

    Populate dinamically a Combobox

    I have a Combobox which needs to be repopulated dinamically, that is, the user type 3 characters in the ComboBox and press the return key. In this moment a query is executed and the Combobox needs to be populated with the items resulted by that query. The problem that I found is that the ComboBox.Items.Clear doesn't have the expected effect. Here is a simple example: Add a TUniComboBox On the OnKeyDown method, add the code: if Key=VK_RETURN then begin UniComboBox1.Items.Clear; UniComboBox1.Items.Add('RIO DE JANEIRO'); UniComboBox1.Items.Add('RIO GRANDE DO SUL'); UniComboBox1.Items.Add('RIO GRANDE DO NORTE'); end; Run the program Inside the ComboBox, type "RIO" and press the return key: it will appear 3 items at the ComboBox Edit the typed text to "RIOS" and press the return key again In this moment I expected that the Combobox was cleared and populated with the 3 options, but the result obtained is that the ComboBox has 6 items, as if the "UniComboBox1.Items.Clear" instruction had been ignored. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello everyone finally I'm using this library to a project. I ask you to have a component as TUniDBComboBox /TUniComboBox that besides having the property Items has properties by Values to display a label and set in the database a different value, Thank you <ul class="x-list-plain"> <li value="C">Coffee</li> <li value="T">Tea</li> <li value="M">Milk</li> <li value="W">Water</li> <li value="J">Juice</li> <li value="B">Beer</li> <ul>
  3. kkelchev

    TUniComboBox CharEOL

    Hi , Do we have CharEOL mechanism with TUniComboBox like this in TUniEdit. Thanks
  4. Please Farshad Mohajeri, Add the property to TUniDBLookupComboBox as exists in TUniComboBox to add button on control to search.