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Found 8 results

  1. It's possible change the space between toolbar's buttons? I would like to reduce and put the buttons side by side.
  2. I have a UniHTMLMemo with ShowToolBar set to True. When I click the grow text button the text size increases but it stops increasing at certain point (my guess probably due to a set maximum size). I need to increase the text size beyond the maximum size value. How can I do this? Delphi XE2 UniGUI Complete Professional:
  3. I have a Mobile Toolbar with 3 Containers each holding an object (button, DatePicker etc.). During Runtime there are times when I need to Disable the Toolbar and its objects, ToolBar.Enabled:= False; makes no difference ? Please advise how - Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a Mobile Form with a Mobile ToolBar and one Mobile DatePicker on the ToolBar. How can I center the DatePicker within the ToolBar (setting the DatePicker width to an actual desired pixel width centering within the container) without stretching the DatePicker ? At present I have used:- ToolBar.Seperator (Flex 1) ToolBar.Container (Flex 1 [holds DatePicker with Flex 0, {Width 100% stretches, Width 80px lefts align}]) ToolBar.Seperator (Flex 1).
  5. billyChou

    ToolBar tbsButton Icon Resize

    ToolBar icon and button is samll. UniImageList Icon size is 32 x 32 Thanks
  6. GerhardV

    Toolbar Dropdown Menu

    I cannot seem to get a toolbar button to drop down a menu. Create a popup menu and set the toolbar button DropdownMenu property to the popup menu...nothing happens. Am I missing something?
  7. If anyone wants to resize a grids toolbar (the one with next previous... etc) you can do something like: servermodule->customcss Be carefull not to forget !Important because it want work .bigicons{ background-image:url("images/back64.png") !important; width:64px !important; height:64px !important; } grid->ExtEvents->OnResize function OnResize(sender, adjWidth, adjHeight, rawWidth, rawHeight) { var tb=sender.getDockedItems('toolbar[dock="bottom"]');; if(tb){//if has toolbar if (tb.length > 0) tb = tb[0]; tb.height=74;//resize all the toolbar if(tb.items.get(0)){//this is the first item of the toolbar (go to first page) tb.items.get(0).height=64; tb.items.get(0).width=64; //tb.items.get(0).hide(); //you can also hide a button tb.items.get(0).setIconCls('bigicons');//this is the css class witch puts the new icon... } } } I hope this helps someone....
  8. tappatappa


    After setting UniToolButton->Style = tbsDropDown, how am I supposed to set the dropdownmenu associated to it? Is it a missing feature?