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Found 4 results

  1. andyhill

    SSL Issue

    I have purchased a Digital Certificate from GoDaddy but cannot get it to work. Request: openssl.exe req -new -key nnnnn.nnn.key -out nnnnn.csr Files Validated (all in text format): Root Cert Key https://nnnnn.nnnlocks up and fails to work ? Please advise how to resolve - thanks.
  2. skafy

    ActiveX and HTTPS problems

    I'm having a problem with ActiveX in IE and SSL connections. I have ActiveX code for recognizing logged users who uses IE. Now I want to be able to open application to outsite word (inported certificate) and application seems to be working fine. But insted when I logged in through IE my pc name is not recognized. I use this snippet for recognition in MainForm function form.afterrender(sender, eOpts) { var WinNetwork = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Network"); ajaxRequest(sender, 'UserDetailsEvent', ['UserName='+WinNetwork.UserName]); } Is there a known fact that that SSL and ActiveX dont fit?
  3. fabiorov

    SSL certificate from Godaddy

    Hi, i am a new customer of you for the personal version. very good product! I am trying to add SSL security, and I .. 1) Generated the CSR and KEY files 2) Bought a godaddy SSL certificate, and I got 2 files: "xxx.crt" and "bundleyyy.crt" (xxx and yyy and non-real file names) But when I try to follow the steps in (http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/index.html?configure_unigui_server.htm) I see that I can't get PEM files from godaddy. By the way, my deployment is "windows service". Thanks you!
  4. This is probably not a uniGUI problem but thought I should still mention it. Not sure why this is happening but I get an AV when SSL is enabled and I shut down the server, but only when the browser is Opera. Works fine on Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Also is fine without SSL. I have created a skeleton project as a test case and I also generated the PEM files as per the uniGUI documentation (and have done it couple of times before). 1. Start the server 2. Open on browser "https://localhost:8077/m" 3. Right click on uniGUI server icon and Shutdown. Below are two images of the code and call stack when I "Break" on the AV message in the IDE. SSL_AccessViolation.zip