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Found 4 results

  1. Доброе время суток! Контекстное меню выходит за границы скрина
  2. UniDBTreeGrid de sağ tık ile menü açmak istiyorum. gridin kendi özelliği yok . aşağıdaki kod ile açabiliyorum ama menü mousun alt tarafında açılıyor. procedure TMainForm.UniDBTreeGrid1MouseDown(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); var pt : tPoint; begin pt := Mouse.CursorPos; if Button = mbRight then UniPopupMenu2.Popup(pt.X,pt.Y,UniDBTreeGrid1) end;
  3. Hi, A new version of BMUniDBGrid only for 098.50.1144 and 090... Mr. Bressler has modified the code to support multiselection rows in version unigui 098.50.1144. Given that Mr. Patmap, long time ago, had already written the code for supported PopUpMenu for dbgrid, I took the liberty (by cloning its code) to add it in this new version of BMUniDBGrid. Thanks Mr. Patmap, his code still works. The little knowledge I have of Unigui, I learned from the Unigui Forum; so thanks to all the people who share their knowledge : big or small, all knowledge is useful. Sentence as these :"I'm usually you staying away from longer available components since they tend to break with future versions, do not want a headache for myself later." are not very nice . No one is forced to use this great resource(sharing). I hope that more people will want to share their knowledge. In the world of computer science, sharing has always existed. SHARE (computing) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHARE_%28computing%29 Many large and important commercial projects are born from (small) share-projects. ==================================================================================== Installation : 1) unistall BMUniDbGrid, if installed; 2) change your delphi version. package BMUiniDbGrid; requires rtl, vcl, UniGUI18; // XE4 , change your delphi version. // XE2 UniGUI16; // XE3 UniGUI17; // XE4 UniGUI18; // XE5 UniGUI19; // XE6 UniGUI20; // XE7 UniGUI21; contains BMUniDbGrid in 'BMUniDbGrid.pas'; end. 3) Build and Install package. 4) compile and Run newgridx.dpr BMUniDBGrid1144.zip Enjoy ! Salvatore Marullo.
  4. mika

    Accessing ext popupmenu in js

    How can I access popupmenu component on client side using JavaScript? Other components expose JSName property but TUniPopupMenu does not. Source code is not available for unit uniMainMenu so I can't investigate. // Mika