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Found 64 results

  1. Hi Everyone! UnimDbListGrid has a option that allow the users to navigate between pages in WebOptions -> Paged -> PageSize. But, it will be much better if can display some buttons to go to the next and previously page, indeed. I already have tested UnimDBNavigator and unfortunately only have buttons to go to the last and first page. There's another option or workaround that implements a button to go to the next page (not the last one) using this component on UnimdbListGrid? Thanks!!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm trying to change TabBarVisible property of UnimTabPanel by false but it's not working anymore in version In previously version was (1531), but now don't. And later i use the sample which i think it will work, but unsunccesfully: UniSession.AddJS(UnimTabPanel.JSName + '.tabBarVisible.Hide();'); or these one into befoneInit event's: function beforeInit(sender, config) { tabBarVisible = Hide; } But, unfortunately, none of these above has worked. Is there any workaround for this, or link i don't see in post's before? Really appreciate any help!
  3. A simple example of in APP to dial on Mobile (SmartPhone / Tablets). with
  4. Olá pessoal! Estamos com um problema ao colocar um scroll e rolar a pagina para baixo o componente htmlframe fica parado sem rolar junto com os demais elementos. Link para o vídeo mostrando o erro --- > http://www.grsoft.com.br/videos/VideoErroScroll.mp4 Agradecemos quem poder ajudar!
  5. The components UnimEdit and UnimNumberEdit do not seem to have a text alignment property. How do I change the text to be right-aligned?
  6. Hi there! Recently i have updated my Unigui to the version All the CSS and customizations i had before, is not truly working anymore. So, basically i had the CSS tags on ServerModule -> CustomCSS. And in my UnimButton -> ExtEvents (added or painted). But anyone of these not worked. Anyone had the same problem? Thanks anyway!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm kind of new into mobile development using framework Unigui in this current version (Trial - Equinox). So i was searching in forum about a doubt that was not resolved it at all, and i didn't find any answers that could helping me to find a clearly solution. But here in fact: - I have a Container Panel with alignment property (AlClient) defined. And inside him i have another UnimPanel form (again, with property Alclient defined) and a lot of components inside of them, like a UnimEdit, UnimCheckbox, Grid, etc... So, which property i have to use to, when i have more components inside that panel, he can dinamically adjust itself, besides i don't have to set a fixed height to my form? - Sorry if i posted in the wrong section or i don't used it correctly enough. I'm open to suggestions or links that could help me! Thanks.
  8. Norman

    Set Mobile form position

    I am using a mobile form in non-fullscreen mode and I want it to show at top of screen. It looks like mobile forms default to PoScreenCenter mode and there is no way to change this. The position property is not accessible. Is this a bug?
  9. robinhodemorais

    io socket does not work on mobile

    I'm trying to use socket.io on unigui mobile, but it is not working, I would like some help, attached the source of an example with video, showing how to start the socket. The application was opened in 2 different tabs on the web to show that they communicate and the application was also opened in chrome on the desktop, switching to mobile where it worked, however opening the application in chrome on the phone does not work, the phone was mirrored on the computer to understanding.... Gravar_2020_02_12_10_40_17_623.mp4 HibridoSocket.rar
  10. robinhodemorais

    Display floating button only in the result tab

    I am creating a floating button in a TUnimForm, but I would like it to show results only ... so apply the code without the tabpanel extension, when you focus on showing, but showing yourself on another one ... how to do to adjust this? I used this example found here on the forum to create a button 1. UniServerModule -> CustomCSS: #back-to-top { position: fixed; bottom: 40px; right: 40px; z-index: 9999; width: 32px; height: 32px; text-align: center; line-height: 30px; background: #f5f5f5; color: #444; cursor: pointer; border: 0; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none; transition: opacity 0.2s ease-out; opacity: 0; } #back-to-top:hover { background: #af286d; color: white; } #back-to-top.show { opacity: 1; } 2. MainmForm -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> window.painted fn: function window.painted(sender, eOpts) { var me = this; var aTopEl = new Ext.Element(document.createElement('a')); aTopEl.setId("back-to-top"); aTopEl.setHtml("+"); aTopEl.dom.title = "Back to top"; document.body.appendChild(aTopEl.dom); $('#back-to-top').addClass('show'); $('#back-to-top').show(); $('#back-to-top').on('click', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); //ajaxRequest(me, ...) alert('Your custom logic...') }); }
  11. Good evening, does anyone of us have an idea, how I could add a kind of "ActionButton" (like available in the Desktop Edition) to a column of a UnimDBGrid or UnimDBListGrid?
  12. Mohammed Nasman

    TUnimFileUpload bug

    There's a bug found on build 1510 for TUnimFileUpload. Just try to upload multiple files, it will work for first 3 or 4 files, then it will not work until restart the page. the bug only on mobile, desktop work fine. also demo uploaded on unigui.com works fine (build 1503), but when I run it locally from build 1510 it will show the same bug.
  13. mbuyukoglu

    unimcheckbox caption hatası hk.

    Merhaba, Mobil projede form üzerine yerleştirilen unimcheckbox componentinin caption alanı, çalışma anında browser üzerinde yarım çıkıyor. Form ve frame üzerinde ayrı ayrı deneme yaptım her ikisinde de aynı sonucu aldım. Unigui versiyon
  14. I want to build a Hybrid Application and use a Desktop Form to Login (request an account if necessary) then once logged in test if Desktop or Mobile and show the appropriate Desktop or Mobile form - please advise how to analyse users platform - Thanks in advance.
  15. neo4a

    Responsive Mobile Modal Form

    Trying to build a "generic" modal form to substitute TUnimSelect. These are my problems to solve Adjusting form size and position after screen size changed (see my open topic here) Closing form by clicking in masked area (see my open ticket here) Need some tips for a perfect responsive layout (floating TUnimContainerPanel) for targeting several device types. Attached is a modified touch demo project to get the impression. TIA. demoModalForm.zip
  16. TUnimForm.ScreenResize() works as expected when used in Mainm.pas (ScreenSize demo) ScreenSize() event never called in a modal form e.g. if screen orientation changed. Bug or feature?
  17. Olá pessoal!! Alguém conseguiu implementar um leitor de código de barras funcional também para iOS? Testamos aqui com o Zxing, mas só funcionaria no Android. Vi esse link do Sencha: https://docs.sencha.com/webappmgr/device/barcode.html. Teria como implementar no uniGui? Obrigado!
  18. Hello guys! We have a problem when putting a scroll and scrolling the page down the htmlframe component stands still without scrolling along with the other elements. Link to the video showing the error ---> http://www.grsoft.com.br/videos/VideoErroScroll.mp4 We appreciate who can help!
  19. gerhardhziegler

    Mobile - Dropdown - no modal picker

    Good evening, folks! As you may know, most mobile browsers like to interpet the UnimSelect in a separate (modal) popup, where the user needs to pick and confirm. For some reasons I would always like to have the dropdown like an UniComboBox (I can place it within the mobile, but it works with causing an error). I tried to place a boostrap componentent, but its limited to the HMTLUnimFrame, so it doest fit as well. Any ideas? Best regards, Gerhard
  20. Dear all, My mobile form contain many chart, and every chart i put on Panel with collapsed function. But when i collapsed one of the panel, the panel never adjust their position to close the gap. can advise me, how to make unimpanel will auto adjust filling the gap ?
  21. Good afternoon community ... Here's a work I'm putting into the new uniGUI with extjs 6.5, remembering that there's an app in the Google Play Store (Guia da Serra MT) made with Android Studio that makes interactions with uniGUI, Call, Share, close App etc. .. Old Version: Extjs 4.2 http://ipapp.guiadaserramt.com.br/GuiaOnlineAnt.dll/m New Version: Extjs 6.5 http://ipapp.guiadaserramt.com.br/GuiadaSerra.dll/m
  22. Hello guys! I have a question. How i can build a hybrid application whitout using mobile components? My ideia is create one desktop form and one 'mobile' using desktop components. This is possible? I need to do that this way because i'm building a dashboard and the mobile chart components is sucks ,the ideia is use the same desktop dashboard in mobile. Thanks in advanced.
  23. I have a curious case that I can not solve for months. And now I need a solution. This has happened to several versions of UniGUI with me. So I need some help finding out what I'm doing wrong. First my development environment: - UniGUI version 1481 - Windows 10, virtualized with Parallels, with all updates. - Delphi Tokyo 10.2.3 According to my senary and environment of production and testing: - An FMX app with a TWebBrowser component, calls the UniGUI application - My UniGUI application is in AWS (EC2). I am using Windows Server 2012. ISAPI + HyperServer. (Even without HyperServer, same problem happens). Third for you to reproduce the error: - Compile and run the Embarcadero demo application called "WebBrowser". Install on a Simulator or Mobile device. My tests were with iOS Simulator, iOS Device and Android Simulator. In all the same problem occurred. . Compile and run the UniGUI demo called "scroll" for mobile. - In the WebBrowser app, inform the link of the UniGUI application and click "GO". Fourth, the problem: - At the top is an inaccessible track. - If you click the Exit or Close button, you'll find that this part is incomplete (session termination). - Any other link that informs, other than a UniGUI application works without this problem, such as www.rapidili.com. Attached screens. I do not know who else to turn to. I looked here in the forum, and found no solution. And in the groups that I participate too. Thank you.
  24. I have a Mobile TMainmForm TUnimContainerPanel TUnimPanel TUnimHTMLFrame All perfectly displayed on iOS Device. I want to work with the HTMLFrame canvas which is declared in HTML as //HTMLFrame.HTML.Add(' <canvas id = "andy" width = "'+IntToStr(ContainerPanel.Width+43)+'" height = "'+IntToStr(ContainerPanel.Height+84)+'" style = "border: 1px solid #000000;">'); HTMLFrame.HTML.Add(' <canvas id = "andy" width = "'+IntToStr(Panel.Width+43)+'" height = "'+IntToStr(Panel.Height+84)+'" style = "border: 1px solid #000000;">'); //HTMLFrame.HTML.Add(' <canvas id = "andy" width = "100%" height = "100%" style = "border: 1px solid #000000;">'); //HTMLFrame.HTML.Add(' <canvas id = "andy" width = "'+IntToStr(UniApplication.ScreenWidth-2)+'" height = "'+IntToStr(UniApplication.ScreenHeight-2)+'" style = "border: 1px solid #000000;">'); Why can I not get correct width/height for canvas, my best fit was Panel.Width+43 and Panel.Height+84 which is unique to my iPhoneX and incorrect for any other mobile device. How can I get correct pixel dimensions to declare for my canvas ? Please advise - thanks in advance.
  25. gerhardhziegler

    Canvas and mobile

    Hi, are there any good solutions including examples for using a canvas or any kind of alternative for taking signatures in mobile? Using TUniCanvas in a mobile forms answers with "Ext.Form.Canvas is not a constructor", I assume, it shouldnt be used that way. Best regard and greetings, Gerhard