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Found 6 results

  1. Geovane Silveira

    TUniMemo how to handle paste event?

    So, I have a customer that copy/paste info on the memo that a client of his always send to them whenever they want to buy something. Problem is, this info is separated by line breaks, and my client doesn't want it to. I saw a lot of techniques using event listeners and alikes but I couldn't figure out how to make it work with unigui. This is a js fiddle that I found (changed a bit) with exactly how I want my memo to behave. I don't know, nor did I found out, how to translate this to use in unigui and where/when to put it. My application is desktop based.
  2. lawrencetse

    display memo with line break in Grid

    Hi I already to display memo to true. Is it possible to display memo field in grid with line break ?
  3. I have a TunimMemo which defaults to displaying 2.5 lines of text - how do I set the Viewing Text Canvas Height (height, flex and config.minHeight does not change it) ?
  4. Hello, i'm searching to copy selected text from a UniMemo1 to clipboard and paste text from clipboard to Unimemo2. can you give me a solution please ? Thank you;
  5. Hi, I would like to display/edit a memo field in a unidbgrid, my code is as below : ClientDataSet1.FieldDefs.Add('Remark', ftmemo,200 ); ClientDataSet1.CreateDataSet; Clientdataset1.Close; AField := clientdataset1.FieldDefs[0].CreateField(clientdataset1); ClientDataSet1.Active := True; ClientDataSet1.AppendRecord(['line1, line2... in memo']); My problem is : if displaymemo = false then the DBgrid will show the word (memo) within the cell. if set set displaymemo := true, I can see the memo content but I was not able to edit it. Is there a way when I click on the cell, a memo box will come out so that i can edit the text inside ? I then try to set unidbgrid1.Columns[0].Editor := unimemo1 and was also failed. What should I do, please help ! Regards, Steve
  6. dunham

    create UniMemo at runtime

    Hello, i 'm creating a memo at runtime but it doesn't appear on the form, can you explain please what's wrong with this code ? var MyMemo:TuniMemo; begin MyMemo:= TUniMemo.Create(Self); MyMemo.Name:='MyMemo'; MyMemo.Left:=10; MyMemo.Top:=10; MyMemo.Width:=164; MyMemo.Height:=89; MyMemo.Hint:=''; MyMemo.Visible:=true; MyMemo.BringToFront; end; Test.zip