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Found 4 results

  1. smartbcn

    Hide keyboard in mobile solutions

    Hi: I'm developing a application (mobile components) with a barcode reader attached via bluetooth. Because no way to read a barcode directly caching by form events keypress, etc...(like vcl). My solution (if there is any better, please shared ;.) ) is read the code via tunimedit. The problem is when then tunimedit is focused, the device shows a keyboard (but is not needed in this scenario). There is any way to hide/unhide the keyboard by code?. Thank you!
  2. vbdavie

    Keyboard Event processing/Masking

    I see "ClientEvents". It seems that maybe this is where you can assign some javascript code to particular events. And that you can use the EXT trapped events or the UniGui trapped events. But what does ENABLED=TRUE do? This is just turn on or off the scripting logic? Is see... MonitoredKeys Enabled KeyEnableAll KeyHandleAll Keys What do the 4 properties of MonitoredKeys actually do? I see... NavigateKeys Cycle Enabled HandleTabs What do these settings do? I know the handletabs seemed to allow the form to utilize the tab functionality. RTL: What does this do? ScreenMask: Enabled Message ShowMessage Target WaitData Could you explain what these do? I see talk about waitdata all over the place, it's not clear. And please be clear about "Target" as I can't even image what that does. Thanks Davie
  3. Jean-Marc Kiener

    Keyboard monitoring on a frame

    Hi, I use the "MegaDemo" approach to manage serveral frames within tabs. Most of this frames are edit/input masks for datasets. So its important that data can be entered quickly. It would be nice if i press per example F6 for enter a new dataset, F8 for saving it and so one. In the "MonitoredKeys" i saw how that could be done if you use a form. How can that be done within a frame?
  4. asapltda

    Movile -Keypad always visible

    Hello, I would always keep the keyboard visible, to avoid changes in the presentation format of the device 1. You can always keep the keyboard visible on a mobile device? 2. If possible how? 3. You can make scroll the screen to advance the fields according to the field where we are positioned?