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Found 7 results

  1. chrisjohn82

    resize image TUniFileUpload

    Hi everybody, I want to resize an image if the width is greater than 1000 pix and if it is i want to resize it. I'm using fileupload and loading the file to an imagecontrol and then i'm checking if the width is greater than 1000 pix, so far so good but i can't seem to find a resize function for the imagecontrol? Code below shows want i'm trying to do imgtest.LoadFromStream(AStream); if imgtest.Picture.Width > 1000 then begin // ShowMessage('bigger than 1000'); I want to change the size before i save it to destName imgtest.Picture.SaveToFile(destName); end;
  2. By setting FileUpload.Accept:= ''; and FileUpload.Capture:= ''; before FileUpload.Execute; we give the end user the options to choose - this is fine. However, how do we know from within the FileUploadCompleted event if it was a camera capture -or- library file ? This is very important as iOS camera images need rotating where as Library images do not.
  3. =GGG=

    TOpenDialog, TSaveDialog

    реально ли использовать в приложении компоненты TOpenDialog и TSaveDialog??? Столкнулся с проблемой отображения диалогового окна
  4. Hi, I was wondering if UniGui mobile has the feature to pick images from mobile using chrome or the default browser. The App give me the option to choose camera or gallery but when capture a new photo from camera or gallery and upload it to unigui server, the picture appears to be rotated. Also, there is no cropping/ editing the picture before uploading it to server. So, I was wondering how can I achieve this in unigui mobile? Any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance merolarosa
  5. Can we please have a better rendering for the FileUpload object for iPhone.
  6. skafy


    Is it possible to upload multiple file with TuniFileUpload.? I would like to use multi select when Windows file dialog opens.(on click Browse...)
  7. I have a mobile app that allows a user to upload images to the database. I click the upload button, after around 20 secs the application shows a message "Upload Error" with connection error in blue underneath this message. I have set the MaxAllowed size = 0. Has anyone any ideas on what I am doing wrong. The image size is around 1.5 megs. Russell