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Found 51 results

  1. How do I get the selected value of combobox when I edit a value in the grid, I need to get the moment I select, already tried by combobox OnSelect and change more did not work.
  2. =GGG=

    DBGrid DrawRow

    Возможно ли в DBGrid закрасить конкретную строку? на данный момент нашел только возможность закрасить ячейку
  3. hi, how to change grouping header font name unidbgrid?
  4. =GGG=

    траблы с DBGrid

    При разворачивании строки, срабатывает событие CellClick. При этом Column.FieldName возвращает столбец, который был последний раз нажат. Это нормальное поведение грида? Grid - RowWidget.zip
  5. Phxtecno

    UniDbGrid images property

    Hi, can you tell me the usage of "Images" property and "imageIndex" in DbGrid ? I have a table column with integers representing the index of the icon I want show from a UniImageList (Info,Warning,Error); can you explain how-to ? Regards
  6. I need to copy the text that was selected in the UnidbGrid, through the option of a PopUp menu. I am using the following code: var col: Integer; TextCopy: string; begin col: = gridSenhasLiberadas.CurrCol; Clipboard.AsText: = gridSeedLibrary.Columns.Items [col] .Field.AsString; TextCopy: = Clipboard.AsText; If I give a ShowMessage, I see the Clipboard, however I can not paste it anywhere else. Apparently it's not on the clipboard. How do I then get that dbGrid value and actually put it in the clipboard through a popup menu?
  7. arilotta

    UniDbGrid scroll with dgEditing

    Hi all, I would like to scroll with key arrows up and down the grid, even when the grid is in editing mode. I already enabled KeyNavigation in WebOptions, but the grid is navigable using the keys only when not in editing mode. When in editing mode, pressing arrow down, it is the same as pressing key END, that is it moves the cursor to the end of the text; while pressing arrow up, it moves the cursor to the beginning of the text. I would like that pressing arrow down, the current record is posted, and the dataset moves to the next record, while when pressing arrow up, the current record is posted, and the dataset moves to the previous record. Could that be achieved in some way ? Thanks to all the contributors, Andrea
  8. Возможно ли использовать в uniGUI вложенные таблицы в TuniDBGrid на примере cxGrid Devexpress??? . Примерная реализация в ExtJS https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/nii&view/editor
  9. Jean-Marc Kiener

    Bind TuniDBLookupCombobox to DBGrid column

    Hi folks, i have a dbgrid with a column which the DataField behind holding a integer value. This integer value is a key to another table dataset. I set up a TuniDBLookupCombobox showing a string field in the dropdown and as Keyfield the integer value. Now i configured the column to show the LookupCombobox as the editor. My problem: The integer value is shown in de column, not the String field configured in the LookupCombobox. Can anybody help me with this?
  10. Hi all, I wonder if it's possible to specify the TITLE for an image cell in a DBGrid. It would be useful to show the hint/tooltip for the image/icon. The righe place should be OnDrtawColumnCell, but there as far as I can see there is only the possibility to specify the font, the color and the style. Something like that: <div unselectable="on" class="x-grid-cell-inner " title="my title"> <img src="/cache/medreferti_exe/res/__D5E09C51619AD97C38D717BA.png" width="24" height="24"> </div> thanks Andrea
  11. Hi, I have an error detected using UniDbGrid (TUniDbGrid) related to an Interbase table. Also I am using Delphi 10.2 Tokyo with Unigui version 10.0.1472. In a column where Integer type values ​​are loaded (the same happens with Float type fields), if I insert the value 0 (zero) when validating the previous record of its insertion in the table, the IsNull function returns the value True. The exact validation done in the BeforePost event of the table is as follows: If TableName.FieldByName ('AmountFrom'). IsNull then ShowMessage ("You must enter an amount greater than or equal to 0") The problem is that if I charge amount = 0 the, when doing the previous validation I get the message that I must enter an amount because of the IsNull function returns TRUE. If 0.01 is reported (or any value other than 0) the IsNull function returns FALSE. I did the same test using DbGrid (TDbGrid) and the "IsNull" function worked correctly returning TRUE if nothing was actually entered in the column and FALSE if 0 (zero) was loaded so the problem is not at the database level. In this case I am not using querys but I use the TIBCTable and TIBCDataSource components of Devart. Thanks in advance
  12. arilotta

    DbGrid editing - limit column focus

    Hi all, I have a DbGrid with dgEditing=true. I would like to limit the columns that can be selected, because some contains icons and some other are text read-only. I am struggling with ClientEvents and CellModel, but I not so familiar with JS and I am wasting too much time. So, how can I limit my grid to only focus on the third column for example ? Thanks you all Andrea
  13. nandrianakis

    Clear Lookup field value in DBGrid

    Good morning Is this possible? Rgds
  14. Good afternoon, I have a problem putting my PopUp menu in UnidbGrid. Until version 1398 was working, and now in version 1466 the menu opens in different place from where I click. See the image, where is the red arrow is where I click, and the popup opens higher. How to correct?
  15. Hi, I think that UniDbGrid filtering features are really powerful. In certain cases, however, there is the need to filter multiple values from a list (DBLookup combo), as can be done in MS Excel (see attachment). Currently, with a DBLookupComboBox filter editor, there is the possibility to filter just one value. Is there the possibility to develop such an enhancement ? Thanks for your work. Andrea
  16. Hi, in VCL DbGrid there is the possibility for a column to pick up a customized editor (a dialog), by setting the column ButtonStyle to cbsEllipsis and managing the OnEditButtonClick event. UniGUI already implements various DbGrid editors (UniEdit, UniCombo, UniDBLoockUpComboBox, NumEdit, etc.). In some cases, especially when there are many values to choose from, I think that the ellipsis button that could open a specialized dialog is the best solution. (and maybe it is not too difficult to implement...) Thanks Andrea
  17. Sorry for my poor english first. UniDBGRID (unigui professional / FireFox Browser 59.0.3 X64) 0.Locked column still can not dynamic create(add). Roweditor has no build in Property to set button's caption ("confirm" and "cancel") to other words . 1.After dynamic create(add) columns , both scroll bar can not click and drag. 2.Roweditor buttons paint at diffrent position , first time and other time (no column add or delete operation). 3. If roweditor showed once, after dynamic create(add) or delete dbgird columns , roweditor cells paint at wrong postion ,about 5px shift. 4.If roweditor showed once,dynamic create(add) or delete columns may by fire a error "Could not set cell position :row:[x],column:[0]:a is null". And roweditor can not show after the error. Next time create(add) column will be blank cell and the dbgrid missing columns titles(all blank). And dbgrid missing dataset (click the refresh icon). 5.Sometimes roweditor will paint with no cells. And there is a testcase Project1.rar I had used dbgrids much more in my projects. the new ActionColumn is very good for me. Thank you for the easy useful and powerful products ! 谢谢你们的强力高效易于使用的产品!
  18. KdWpenza

    Проблема с DBGrid

    Добрый день! uniGUI Complete Trial Edition 1.0.2 Build 1449 Столкнулся с такой проблемой. Рисую в ячейках DBGrid через onFieldImage. При включении/выключении видимости у некоторых колонок или применения фильтра к DataSet получаю вместо отображения картинок ссылки на них. Изображения в папке с кэшем присутствуют.
  19. Hello good afternoon, I would like to know how to change the font and colors of a dbgrid line at run time. for example, if any field in the dataset is of a format to change the color of the dbrid. Best regards Anderson Manoel Ribas Brazil
  20. Andriws Luna

    DbGRid Float Format

    http://i66.tinypic.com/206eq39.png How to change the mask of a column in dbgrid to always remain with two decimal places? I1m using Trial edition, version.
  21. Andriws Luna

    Select Row Manually in uniDbGrid

    Hi! How to can i select manually a row in a dbgrid? I'm using dgCheckSelect and dbcheckSelectCheckOnly in options property. I'm using trial edition, version
  22. Hi, I would like to display/edit a memo field in a unidbgrid, my code is as below : ClientDataSet1.FieldDefs.Add('Remark', ftmemo,200 ); ClientDataSet1.CreateDataSet; Clientdataset1.Close; AField := clientdataset1.FieldDefs[0].CreateField(clientdataset1); ClientDataSet1.Active := True; ClientDataSet1.AppendRecord(['line1, line2... in memo']); My problem is : if displaymemo = false then the DBgrid will show the word (memo) within the cell. if set set displaymemo := true, I can see the memo content but I was not able to edit it. Is there a way when I click on the cell, a memo box will come out so that i can edit the text inside ? I then try to set unidbgrid1.Columns[0].Editor := unimemo1 and was also failed. What should I do, please help ! Regards, Steve
  23. Hi, I'm new enthusiast uniGui (complete) customer Great job! My question: I have a dbgrid with 3 columns. eg: Prod.ID | Description | Quantity Can I directly edit the quantity using somethilng like unimspinner component? I mean without invoke the editor for the whole row but directly on the grid cell? Thank you Marco
  24. zanona

    dbgrid cell focus

    Is there any way to play the focus to a certain cell of a dbgrid? Thanks Zanona
  25. zanona

    dbgrid refreshing

    Is there any way to prevent dbgrid from refreshing all the time on the screen? I have a grid that changes several values and while doing it slows down! I've tried disabling using dhautorefreshnow but did not work Thank's Zanona