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Found 2 results

  1. chrisjohn82

    Calendar panel month view

    Hi everybody, Is there a way to set the AViewStartDate and AViewEndDate to only start from beginning of month to the end of the month. I want to bring the events from the database for the current month but it seems that its going over multiple months when i trigger the OnChangeDate event to show ex january the AviewStartDate = 2015-12-28 and the AviewEndDate = 2016-02-06 but i want it to go from 2016-01-01 to 2016-01-31 etc. Is there a way to make it only show the current month? I attached a screen shot of the calendar panel. Best Regards Christian
  2. I am using the code bellow to display hints when the mouse is over an event... The problem i'm having is that the hint is displayed the second time the mouse goes over the event. I searched the net and i found that the problem is because i create the tooltip inside the eventover .... Is there a workaround??? function eventover(sender, rec, el, eOpts) { var pop_content = "<div id='popup-data'><p><b>Details: </b>" +rec.data.Notes.replace(/\n/g, "<br />")+"</p></div>"; new Ext.ToolTip({ target: el ,title: rec.data.Title ,dismissDelay: 2000 // auto hide after 2 seconds ,anchor: 'top' ,anchorOffset: 85 ,trackMouse: true ,renderTo: Ext.getBody() ,html: pop_content }).show; }