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Found 1 result

  1. masterdeveloper

    Problems SGCWebSocket

    I am developing a chat in an application using the SGCWebSocket library, I was able to do the exchange of messages and the list of my users when connecting and disconnecting in the system, however I am encountering some problems when accessing objects in the client application when I try to access the objects in an event of the SGC protocols, generating an access violation, for example: groChat: = TIDSiGrowl.Create (null); groChat.Text: = text; groChat.Title: = FieldByName ('NAME'). As rope; groChat.Show; using the above code in the onEvent of the protocol, it explodes the error in the show when it goes addJS. Another example would be when trying to access a selected item from treeView: if treeView.Selected.Text = FieldByName ('NAME') AsString then imelog.Lines.Text: = FieldByName ('TEXT') AsString; I can only solve by running the above codes on events and methods that are not from the SGC components, however I have the need to display notifications and load the message on screen at the moment I receive and without using a timer Someone who used this library and can help me solve these problems?