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Found 4 results

  1. I have a public integer variable named myval in TMainForm . how can I use it in a function of ExtEvents? I tried it below it works but I don't want myval to update every time. Self.WebForm.JSInterface.JSAssign('myval', [2356]); Is there a command that works like the following? I tried the UniSession.AddJS('TMainForm.myval') but it didnot work because I am new I dont know how to use it . This question has been asked a lot, but I could not find any clearly answer. Thanks Bektas
  2. Hi, i created insert and delete buttons on pagingBar of uniDBGrid, but buttons not working OnAjaxEvent in uniDBGrid, how to call new event name from ajaxRequest script ? my script like this below: function pagingBar.afterCreate(sender) { sender.items.items[0].hide(); sender.items.items[8].hide(); sender.items.items[10].hide(); sender.add( [ { xtype: 'label', text: '0', cls: 'grdfooter', padding: '0 0 1 5' }, '->', { xtype: 'button', icon: 'files/images/delete.png', tooltip: 'Delete Registry',
  3. I am trying to set a TUnimEdit Font properties in code, please advise how - thanks in advance. procedure TMyForm.UnimFormCreate(Sender: TObject); var ss: TUniStrings; begin ss.Add('{'); ss.Add(' config.style = "color: blue; font-size: 12px;"'); ss.Add('}'); edtPhone.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Ext.field.Text.beforeinit.AddStrings(ss); end;
  4. Problem to set UniEvents runtime, example: procedure TFmeCadastroMestre.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); ... uniGUIClientEvents.TUniClientEvents(EdtCodigo.ClientEvents).UniEvents.Add('afterrender=function afterrender(sender, eOpts)'); uniGUIClientEvents.TUniClientEvents(EdtCodigo.ClientEvents).UniEvents.Add('{'); uniGUIClientEvents.TUniClientEvents(EdtCodigo.ClientEvents).UniEvents.Add(' sender.emptyText = "123";'); uniGUIClientEvents.TUniClientEvents(EdtCodigo.ClientEvents).UniEvents.Add('}'); or EdtCodigo.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Text := 'afterrender=function afterrend
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