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Found 3 results

  1. I'm having problem showing file from server on PDFFrame. I shared a folder from server with my account like so \\SomeServer\SomeFolder\ . When I try to show some file from shared folder I get massage : Message: file origin does not match viewer's. pdfFrame.PdfURL:= '\\SomeServer\SomeFolder\SomeFile.pdf'; is giving me above result. What should be done for resolution?
  2. NizamUlMulk

    Digital Sign in PDF

    I'm using TUniPDFFrame to show PDF files, but this component doesn't show the advertisement about digital sign. The client need to see that notice. (adj. images) Also, I need to know if an uploaded pdf is digitally signed before save on BD. Could there be any property that indicates whether it is signed or not?. Ex. bool hasSig = false; for (int i = 1; i <= QP.FormFieldCount(); i++) if (QP.GetFormFieldType(i) == 6) // FormFieldType = Signature hasSig = true; taken from http://www.quickpdf.org/forum/how-do-i-detect-that-a-pdf-has-a-digital-signature_topic2529_post10489.html?KW=FormFieldType#10489
  3. Mr. Farshad: If it is possible...to add a "Options" or "Buttons" property to the TUniPDFFrame to enable/disable visible/hide the buttons of the default PDF viewer of the browsers. There a situations where I dont want my users to download using the default download button but a specially button to for example, register the date and time where the user really download the file not only see on the screen. Thanks and Best Regards