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Found 13 results

  1. MOGSY


    Hi How can we change the column width dynamicaly, depending on the content of the first row. Is it possible to hide a column depending on data in the column? if uniStringGrid1.Cells[thisColumn, 1] = 'Test Data' then begin strgCars.Columns[thisColumn].Width := 0 else strgCars.Columns[thisColumn].Width := 100;
  2. I have attached a sample project. Essentially it has a StringGrid which has goRowSelect turn on and has a column which is updated by a Timer every second. I am using BeginUpdate and EndUpdate inside the OnTimer event. What seems to be happening is if you highlight a row and the timer updates the cells when the EndUpdate has finished the StringGrid row position goes back to the top of the grid, rather than staying at the row you selected. If I then try and scroll down the stringgrid the position gets reset to the top again after the timer has finished. If I comment out the BeginUpdate and EndUpdate this doesn't happen and the row selector stay at the last selected row rather than move to the top of the grid. StringGrid.zip
  3. Is there a way of auto sizing columns in a UniStringGrid so that the width of the column is based on the widest cell text item in the column?
  4. skafy

    StringGrid column autofit

    How to set width of columns to automaticly fit the StringGrid. I tried function witch worked for me on DBGrid component but it doesn't work here. function columnresize(ct, column, width, eOpts) { if (column.fedit) { column.fedit.setWidth(width - 2) } } please help. Best regards
  5. vbdavie

    Checkbox in a list / NO DB

    I had a topic on TListView and no replies I am in dire need to have a list shown to the user and to let the user "checkmark" the items they want. THEN I have a button that processes all the items that are checkmarked. How to do this? I know that in the stringgrid, I can click on several items to select "multiple" items, BUT, if the user then accidentally clicks on another item, then it messes up the selections. They are too fragile and the user can mess up the selections without realizing it. So, a checkbox is more intuitive and you can easily see what's checked and what's not checked. I've looked long and hard and I don't see anything for this. Did I miss something cool? Seems to me that a checkbox feature in some sort of list would be a key feature. Since the items are manually generated, I can't use any of the DB controls. Thanks Davie
  6. skafy

    Dynamic StringGrid height

    How can I change StringGrid height dynamically depending on height of rows. I'm trying to get height of each row, but I allways get 0. for i := 0 to RowCount - 1 do inc(MyHeight, RowHeights[i]); end; At the end MyHeight is allways 0. So how can I get StringGrid actual rows height so there wouldn't have to be scroller inside.
  7. Hello, would prevent the scroll of fixed cells that I set in StringGrid, how I do it? for example: StringGrid1.FixedCols: = 1; StringGrid1.FixedRows: = 1; How to prevent scroll of these cells? because when I have many cells would be important for me they stay fixed, not only the color but also the behavior! Leandro
  8. skafy

    StringGrid Wrap cell text

    Hello, Can somebody can tell me how to do a text wrapping in StringGrid cell? Is it even possible? Desired result: http://i.stack.imgur.com/phXGU.png
  9. Picture link . http://i58.tinypic.com/2wp5rg9.jpg pls help me.
  10. Alessandro

    Hide scrollBar StringGrid?

    Morning! How do I hide the scrollBar of a StringGrid? Hide vertical and horizontal. Thanks.
  11. vbdavie

    StringGrid - ColCount problem

    I have an issue with the ColCount property of the stringgrid. It appears that I set it to "8" in the object inspector<design time> and then when I run the program, I get an index out of range type of error. When I set it during RUN-TIME, then I have no problem. Is this the way it's supposed to work? Davie
  12. vbdavie


    At first, I wanted a listview to show a bunch of rows from my array of info. It appeared there is NO listview equivalent. So, I tried StringGrid. The top row and left row (fixed rows) do not stay on the screen when I scroll around. I saw where this was normal behaviour. Is there a chance of fixing this? Also, in the design mode, I could change the column widths, but when I run it in web mode, the columns are all the same width and CAN NOT be resized. Very wierd. Is this also normal behaviour? NOTE: If in design mode, if I go to "view form as text" and then switch back to "view as form", ALL the column width adjustments are lost. This is not intuitive... am I missing something? The listview is the real solution for me so that I can RIGHT JUSTIFY certain columns that contain money values. Any thoughts? Davie
  13. MarcoRu

    stringGrid colunm size

    If I use a UniStringGrid, in web mode I can't resize the column's with. In application mode it works.