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Found 8 results

  1. Good personal day, for those who like performance with low memory consumption, following a static class that reduces memory consumption in UniGui applications. I'm already using this class on systems that there are many users connected and memory-intensive. to call the class: TGarbageCollector.Execute; unit U_GarbageCollector; interface type TGarbageCollector = class private public class procedure Execute; end; implementation uses Winapi.Windows, Vcl.Forms; { TGarbageCollector } class procedure TGarbageCollector.Execute; var MainHandle : THandle; begin try MainHandle := OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, false, GetCurrentProcessID); SetProcessWorkingSetSize(MainHandle, $FFFFFFFF, $FFFFFFFF); CloseHandle(MainHandle); except end; Application.ProcessMessages; end; end.
  2. SayeyeZohor

    memory leak

    hi After closing the stand alone application on the server, Memory Lake was observed how to solve that ???
  3. I have very interesting problem with SQL server and it has probably nothing to do with uniGUI. Actually, I am sure it has nothing to do with uniGUI whatsoever. I just hope someone here can shed some light into this. Our software is fairly large and both uniGUI standalone application and SQL server consume quite a lot of memory. When SQL server uses 4096Mb memory, which is most it can use, our software crashes. Only thing that is certain at this point is that when SQL Server uses maximum amount of memory, soon after our application will crash. As SQL server memory usage inevitably increases in time, application crash at some point is certain. I'm pretty sure SQL server isn't behaving badly in anyway. It has something to do with my code, FireDAC and uniGUI in combination. We currently still use SQL Server 2014 Express edition which is not ideal but that's what we got now. Also, upgrading database software would not be a real solution anyway even if it could alleviate this problem in short term because SQL server is most likely not the source of this problem. Software we are using: Delphi XE5 Architect uniGUI Pro Plus SQL server 2014 Express edition If anyone here has even a clue where to start looking, I'd be very greatful. // Mika
  4. surensiddhi

    How to make three tier system

    I am application software developer using Delphi since long time back from Delphi 5 to RAD Studio. My development includes Core Banking, Insurance, Accounting, POS, Inventory etc. All of them are thick client desktop application. After going through the demo and forum, uniGUI looks great components and tools for porting desktop application to web applications in Delphi as there are more demands from customer to change to web enabled application. Now I would like to know following so that I can convert Banking and Insurance software to web enabled application using uniGUI: 1. How to make three tier system ? UI in uniGUI, Logic in DB Server using procedure and also in Application server. Looking for best practice to be followed. 2. It looks that MainModule is loaded in server for each session. If I place ClientDataset in MainModule where does it load ? I assume that it will be loaded in Server memory. I found it somewhere written, that dataset should be placed in form to load to client memory which means I am breaking multi tier rules and mixing UI and business logic. Is it possible to create datamodule which loads into client memory so that I can place all Clientdataset into that module for load balancing ?
  5. eono

    Combobox UI Design

    Hi All, I have a form where the user is supposed to chose from a total of 18 comboboxes (cmb). Each of the cmb has the same set of data in the items list. Now the user is expected to select different options for the 18 cmbs. 1. If I load all the 9 cmbs at the server during form creation, I have a feeling that the amount of memory used will be wasted as I am basically repeating the same set of data, almost 50 rows, 18 times over - giving a total of 900 rows!!! I expect this app to be in use by more than 1500 people SIMULTANEOUSLY. The Server has memory, but I like proper design if I can swing it. 2. In trying to conserve memory, I re-assign the store of one cmb to all the other cmbs at the client. This works perfectly on the client side, but when I try to read the data selected in the cmb at the server, it returns a blank. Its like there is no data as far as the server is concerned. My question: A. Is (1) a good design? Am I worrying too much? The forms are pretty complicated with lots of other components. I don't want to have to refactor If memory is an issue during live. B. How come UG doesn't reflect client side manipulations of certain components on the server side? Is there a way around this? NB. I CANNOT use a grid for the design. Kind regards.
  6. Alessandro

    High consumption of memory and CPU.

    Good morning. I am developing an application in uniGUI. However I came across something scary recently: By placing the application on the server in the cloud, the application was running for a week nonstop some users began during this period to do some tests. The problem came as I went to visit the server via remote connection and came across the application consuming 98% of CPU and memory !!! It can not exist. Do any of you have any idea about what may be happening or any tips, or perhaps a best practice of how to avoid this extremely wasteful consumption of the server machine? Grateful. Bom dia pessoal. Estou desenvolvendo uma aplicação em uniGUI. No entanto me deparei com algo assustador recentemente: Ao colocar a aplicação no Servidor, na nuvem, o aplicativo ficou rodando por uma semana Ininterruptamente e alguns usuários começaram neste período a fazer alguns testes. Até aí normal. O problema veio quanto eu fui visitar o servidor via conexão remota e deparei com a aplicação consumindo 98% da CPU e Memória!!! Isso não pode existir. Alguém de vocês tem alguma ideia sobre o que pode estar acontecendo ou alguma dica, ou talvez uma melhor prática de como evitar esse consumo extremamente exagerado da máquina servidora? Grato.
  7. pro_imaj

    Memory Devamlı Artıyor Olması

    Merhaba; Sitemde performans testleri yapıyorum. Main formda Pagecontrol da runtime anında Tabsheet oluşturuyorum. 1-Tabsheet oluşturmadan önceki memory bilgilerine bakıyorum, sonrada tabsheet kapattığımdaki bilgilere bakıyorum. Bu işlemi yaparken memory düştüğünün gözlemliyorum. (Bir sıkıntı yok.) 2-Sonrasında tekrar runtime da tabsheet oluşturuyorum bu kez dahada yükseldiğini gözlemliyorum fakat eski memory değerinin üstüne çıktığını gözlemliyorum sonrasında tekrar tabsheet tekrar close ediyorum ve düştüğünü gözlemlemem rağmen eski düşüş memory'sinin üstüne çıktığını gözlemliyorum bu işlemlemi onlaca kez yaptığımda hep artarak devam ediyor bu normal midir? Teşekkürler. İyi çalışmalar.
  8. when a user session Timeout or user close the browser, how to release IIS Memory .