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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, On a form or frame, I have TUniPageControl with an active Tabsheet. On that tabsheet I have a TUniPanel. I would like to center that panel in the middle of the tabsheet. I went through the examples but I didnot find the answer to my problem. Can anyone help by explaining how I should set the properties of the components ?
  2. Jean-Marc Kiener

    pascal on client side

    Are there plans to write client events in pascal too? Something like this? https://github.com/bytbox/pas2js Anyone knows morfik ( http://www.morfik.com/)? With this dev-tool you are able to write in pascal for client and for server side. Client side pascal will then compiled into javascript. Great concept, very elegant. But unfortunatly morfik is not maintained anymore. Cheers!
  3. jrdaguiar

    Client side font

    Hi, I need to use one font that exists in server side but dont in client side. Tks,
  4. surensiddhi

    How to make three tier system

    I am application software developer using Delphi since long time back from Delphi 5 to RAD Studio. My development includes Core Banking, Insurance, Accounting, POS, Inventory etc. All of them are thick client desktop application. After going through the demo and forum, uniGUI looks great components and tools for porting desktop application to web applications in Delphi as there are more demands from customer to change to web enabled application. Now I would like to know following so that I can convert Banking and Insurance software to web enabled application using uniGUI: 1. How to make three tier system ? UI in uniGUI, Logic in DB Server using procedure and also in Application server. Looking for best practice to be followed. 2. It looks that MainModule is loaded in server for each session. If I place ClientDataset in MainModule where does it load ? I assume that it will be loaded in Server memory. I found it somewhere written, that dataset should be placed in form to load to client memory which means I am breaking multi tier rules and mixing UI and business logic. Is it possible to create datamodule which loads into client memory so that I can place all Clientdataset into that module for load balancing ?
  5. chrisjohn82

    Open worddoc plus mailmerge

    Hi everyone! I have two things i would like to do but don't know if it's possible with unigui, the first thing is to 1) Open a word document on a client computer 2) Perform a mailmerge on that word document Best Regards