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Found 2 results

  1. uniGUI DOES jqToastr >>Why JqToastr: A simple, modern, framework-independent, well-tested, unobtrusive, notification system. Works in any modern browser (desktop and mobile) and OS. Is highly customizable and simple to use. >>Supports and compatibility: Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 3+ Chrome 9+ Safari 3+ Opera 10+ iOS 4+ Android 2+ >>How to use in uniGUI 1-Declare in ServerModule.CustomFiles files/jquery.toast.css files/jquery.toast.js 2- Declare JqToast to USES clause of your unit. 3- See main example Desktop or Mobile. 4- Same code works in Desktop and Mobile. 5- This example also contains Mainm Form for your tests in mobile Have fun PS: It seams I have a size limit on posting, so see it at http://www.unigui.com.br/democetera/CeteraDemosShow.html Tomorrow I will try edit and post here. http://www.unigui.com.br/democetera/uniGUIDOESjqToastr.gif
  2. Hi! The Callout extension Callout is an extension class, which is a CSS styleable floating callout container with an optional arrow, developed by John Yanarella. It is useful for creating hint overlays and interactive callout windows/popovers... https://github.com/CodeCatalyst/Ext.ux.callout.Callout A live demo is available for this extension at http://lab.codecatalyst.com/Ext.ux.callout.Callout. Exemplary use: 1. Add these files to the project: https://github.com/CodeCatalyst/Ext.ux.callout.Callout/tree/master/build 2. procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin UniSession.AddJS( 'Ext.widget(''callout'', {'+ 'cls: "cartoon",'+ 'width: 200,'+ 'html: "Click anywhere to dismiss this callout window.",'+ 'calloutArrowLocation: "top",'+ 'target: "#'+UniButton1.JSName+'_id",'+ 'relativePosition: "t-b",'+ 'relativeOffsets: [0,10],'+ 'fadeInDuration: 200,'+ 'fadeOutDuration: 200,'+ 'dismissDelay: 5000,'+ '}).show();' ); end; Best regards.