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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I would like to leave my unidatetimepicker this way does anyone have the css for that? I'm using a desktop, I've seen it on mobile groups but it doesn't work;
  2. Hello, Is there any way to limit the showing items in time portion of the uniDateTimePicker (eg. 09:00' - 15:00')? Also, can we change the step ? (eg. 30 min instead of 15 min) ? UniGUI v. (Delphi 10.2) TIA, Lefteris
  3. Hello! I have a UniDateTimePicker on form. MinDate, MaxDate and DisableDates are calculated dynamically from database depending on selected year. And there is a trouble - once DisabledDates is set I don't know how to clear it when it's nesessary. I've made a test project in which follow actions should be done: 1. Select 2019 in field "Year", press "RestrictDates" button. Result: MinDate = 15.01.2019, maxDate = 13.12.2019, some dates are disabled (including 07.12.2019, 08.12.2019,10.12.2019), current value = 13.12.2019 2. Select 2020 in field "Year", press "RestrictDates" bu
  4. Hello! how do I translate tunicalendar components and tunidatetimepicker at runtime? It must be in runtime because my application is multi language. Leandro
  5. Hi! I have a UniDbGrid in a project and one of the columns has a TDateTime field and it has an associated UniDateTimePicker in the Editor property. When the program is executed and I insert a new record, in the date field if I report an incorrect date value, the behavior is that I cancel the record that I am loading instead of generating a message informing that the date entered is incorrect. How can I avoid canceling the registration and generating the message with the error and the possibility for the user to correct it?. Thanks in advance
  6. Здравствуйте! Как запретить ввод буквенных символом в uniDateTimePicker?
  7. Hi: Could you help me with the following problem: I have an Editor (UniDateTimePicker component) associated with a column of a UniDbGrid. One of the validations when saving the record is that the Date field ("Comienzo" in the attached example) does not have a loaded date. If it has the loaded date, it generates a message warning the user of this and makes an "Abort" command so that it does not perform the saving. Now, if in the "Comienzo" column I erase the date, leaving the field visually empty, when I want to save the record again, the field still has the original value, it is not delet
  8. Hi I use UniDateTimePicker and change it to Jalai ,But in 1461 The following is displayed. Best Regards.
  9. When I insert a date (by keyboard) in a UniDateTimePicker control then the day becomes month and the month day! For example I write : 1/2 and I get 2/1/2017. Is this a bug or I forgot to change something?
  10. Hello, I need to enter 31.12.9999 in a UniDBDateTimePicker but it was automatically reset to 01.12.9999. Even if the value in DB (SQL Server) is 31.12.9999, then the Picker shows everytime 01.12.9999. Behavour in VCL Delphi TDateTimePicker is, that I can enter 31.12.9999. I need this for open end date. Is there a fix? I use Personal_1.0.0.1378_RC Greetings Marcus
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