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Found 9 results

  1. Hello how to solve scroll in unihtmlframe after pressing the down arrow key? OnKeyDown works on a uniform but how do you pass it to unihtmlframe ??
  2. Hi, When I load some HTML code in the HTML property and some JavaScript-code in the AfterScript property of a TUniHTMLFrame (both refering to some ID's in the HTML), at the first load everything works fine, but I encounter two problems : 1. When I 'reload' the same TUniHTMLFrame-component with the same HTML and JS, I don't get any longer the same as in the first instance. 2. I have my TUniHTMLFrame-component on a frame. When I load a second instance of that frame, this means a second instance of my TUniHTMLFrame and load the same HTML and JS, I also don't get any longer the sa
  3. hi i found a problem in UniHTMLFrame i add css, javascript in unigui folder and add html content in UniHTMLFrame and run with unigui i am not problam without unigui @Sherzod
  4. How do I set the scroll position of UniHTMLFrame?
  5. Hi, is there a way to move an uniPanel into an uniHtmlFrame? Why I'm doing that? I have an uniHtmlFrame that I made a side menu collapsible that has "ul", "li" and "a" tags. I would like to move a panel into the uniHtmlFrame that has unigui components like uniDateTimePicker, uniComboBox, etc. Is there any way to do it?
  6. Dear I'm development an windowless application , and I have problems with some edges that insist on staying on the page. Look at the prints I took of the page during an inspection of the elements. Developed a custom login form and inject the HTML into the page using the TUniHTMLFrame . To leave my main div maximized , it was necessary to reset the stylesheet of the page using " ClientEvents.ExtEvents.window.show " TUniForm used as the example below . Event code. function window.show(sender, eOpts ) { sender.addClass('resetCSS'); } Code style sheet. .resetCSS ht
  7. Hi, I'm developing test projects with unigui, as you know it's possible to take picture and save to database via webcam with HTML5. So i was wondering is this possible with UniGUI as well ? If it's possible then how i can do it ? I prepared my project as PHP and calling with uniHTMLFrame but i couldn't find how to save database taken photo after capture via webcam. My PHP file as below, i have to save to database with Query String's parameter which i send to query. Thanks in advance. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE html><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/19
  8. Hello! I'm working with the tools of http://www.telerik.com/(Kendo UI) where the graphics are generated within the uniHTMLFrame. Topic Forum I would like to know a procedure to save the graph created in the frame as a PNG image. Thank you Wait. olá! Eu estou trabalhando com as ferramentas da http://www.telerik.com/(Kendo UI) onde os gráficos são gerados dentro do uniHTMLFrame. Eu gostaria de saber um procedimento para salvar o gráfico criado no frame como imagem PNG. Obrigado Aguardo.
  9. Good Morning! I wonder how do (send to) print the contents of a UniHTMLFrame. I can export the contents of UniHTMLFrame to a PDF? How? Can someone help me? Grateful!
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