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Found 7 results

  1. This one is very simple but very well crafted CSS code. Button for you to use in games, uplifted interfaces and more out of the box. Have fun, www.unigui.com.br-FancyButtons.exe
  2. A simple example to generate alert and vibration beeps on smartphones. It works on all browsers except the most exotic. Download only allowed for subscribers of uniGUI. Subscribe to our Telegram channel below to access this and other examples. http://www.uniguiexpress.com Our group at Telegram: https://t.me/uniguiexpress same content in inglês. Um exemplo simples para gerar beeps de alerta evibração em smartphones. Funciona em todos os browsers menos os mais exóticos. Visite http://www.unigui.com.br/ Nosso grupo no Telegram: Livros, packs de projetos, cursos
  3. uniGUI DOES Humane.JS (Updated) >>Why humane.js: A simple, modern, framework-independent, well-tested, unobtrusive, notification system. Utilizes CSS transitions when available, falls back to JS animation when not available. Includes mobile support and tested OK on uniGUI. It's not a component, just classes calling procedures hence no future problems with uniGUI and Ext.JS updates. You can work with no worries in Desktop and Mobile (Android e iOS) and is very simple to use IN your current projects and get read of ShowMessages and Messagedlg with more style and nice
  4. uniGUI DOES jqToastr >>Why JqToastr: A simple, modern, framework-independent, well-tested, unobtrusive, notification system. Works in any modern browser (desktop and mobile) and OS. Is highly customizable and simple to use. >>Supports and compatibility: Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 3+ Chrome 9+ Safari 3+ Opera 10+ iOS 4+ Android 2+ >>How to use in uniGUI 1-Declare in ServerModule.CustomFiles files/jquery.toast.css files/jquery.toast.js 2- Declare JqToast to USES clause of your unit. 3- See main example Desktop or Mobil
  5. I have added a DatePickerField, Button and another DatePickerField to a Panel via UniSession.AddJS within the MainmForm.UnimFormReady event. What I want to do is pretty it up by using the Sencha Touch ui Theme - hence why I am doing it via UniSession.AddJS. Can someone advise please - thanks. CODE UniSession.AddJS('MainmForm.UnimPanel2.insert(1, '+ '{ '+ 'xtype: "datepickerfield", '+ 'height: 43, '+ 'padding: 3, '+ //'color: '+QuotedStr('#33f0ff')+', '+ // MAKES NO DIFFERENCE I want Background Color = clGradientActiveCaption 'value: new Date(), '+
  6. Hi All, I have a form where the user is supposed to chose from a total of 18 comboboxes (cmb). Each of the cmb has the same set of data in the items list. Now the user is expected to select different options for the 18 cmbs. 1. If I load all the 9 cmbs at the server during form creation, I have a feeling that the amount of memory used will be wasted as I am basically repeating the same set of data, almost 50 rows, 18 times over - giving a total of 900 rows!!! I expect this app to be in use by more than 1500 people SIMULTANEOUSLY. The Server has memory, but I like proper design if I can
  7. Hey, I am trying to get an interface similar to this :- https://apiwiki.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/mozscape-attribution.png The left hand side where it has the icons with the labels and the fancy mouseover technique. I am guessing I can do it with a listbox (similar to the MegaDemo menu at the side), but I am not that crash hot with CSS so I might me right Does anyone have an idea, or point me in the right direction to get started please ?
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