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Found 7 results

  1. I've 4 Series series in UniChart, with data for 4 years, each one is 1 year. (for anything type: area, bar, pie, scatter, radar, etc.) When mouse move over the series, and values triggers SeriesMouseOver(Sender: TUniCustomChart; Series: TUniChartSeries; Index: Integer; Value: Variant; X, Y, PageX, PageY: Integer); But always the series and Index are same, never changes. Only first serie is recognizing. I need the others too.! I try with tooltips in javascript (from Delphi): //graphic1 is TuniChart component graphic1.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Add( 'chart.b
  2. Ex. SeriesBar.. Make series by month: X are brands and Y quantities. Each serie refers to a datasource. Img1: Shows data from June. Note Yamaha is 2nd. and HaoJue 10th. Img2: Show July: Note Haojue now is the second, and Yamaha the 4th... But graphic shows same order that previous month!. Doesn´t refresh the order If select all months. Note HaoJue: Always is the last, and the quantity, the last quantity in each serie! The values form Haojue are: qty Month ================= HAOJUE 1 Junio HAOJUE 35 Julio HAOJUE 7
  3. Hi I'm not able to change legend of tunichart that describe a tuinlineseries at design time. in before show seem working (series.title:='dummy';) but i need to change the legend frequently on click button. tnks
  4. Hi, I'm building a graph using Tunichart, but I can not get the legend to show all the items, I tried to reduce the font size, but it's still not right,
  5. Hi, We have a couple of charts in one of the our programs. A example chart shows number of calls made for each agent. The issue is that even though I put integer values into the series var y: integer; ... y := Trunc(series_data.m_y); UniBarSeries2.Add(y, series_data.m_x); the user will see 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, etc. on the y-axis. Is there some way to make the charts only display whole (integer) numbers? Thanks.
  6. Hello all; I have had an issue for qute some time and just now figured out what's going on. SYMPTOM: A TuniChart line graphs looks garbled<junk> when some panels have their visible property changed in the main form's OnCreate method. If i remove these visible property changes from the OnCreate, then the uniChart looks perfect. Very odd. It only happens to a chart sitting on a PageControl tabl. It does NOT happen to a chart sitting in TabControl tab. And it does NOT happen, when it's just sitting on the main form. Very wierd. uniGUI ver (bug has existed for ove
  7. vbdavie

    Chart is slow

    Hey, I noticed that the charting seems SLOW. If I have less than 50 items or so, it seems "reasonable". Not fast, but acceptable. But if I have 300 points, then WOW, it's slow. And if I add several series then it's a magnified slowness. Basically, I have a stock chart with 5 series in it. The differeent series keep track of different kinds of data over the same date range. I keep track of ONE YEAR (365 days) of data. It takes about 6 seconds for the graph to build and unlock the web page. So, if I have built the chart it takes a while to show it completly. OR if the chart is in a TAB,
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