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Found 6 results

  1. Как правильно выровнять заголовок мобильной формы ближе к правому краю? Дело в том, что в заголовок помещаю вторую кнопку, и текст заголовка "наезжает" на кнопку. Я так понимаю, что это можно сделать с помощью CSS. Но я боюсь, если укажу параметры для "x-component x-title x-floating", то это зацепит еще какие-нибудь другие компоненты, а мне нужно только заголовок. Вообще, было бы замечательно, если бы текст заголовка формы автоматически смещался бы вправо при добавлении 2ой или 3ей кнопки. Спасибо.
  2. I have set a UniPanel.Title text and would like to show a hint when someone mouses over the title. How can I enable a hint to be visible?
  3. As you may have noticed it is not possible to change your page's FavIcon (ServerModule.FavIcon) at runtime without a page reload. This example changes the FavIcon and is great for notification as it occurs on sites like Twitter, FaceBook, etc ... JS has been improved and now avoids caching problems on change and supports use of PNG on the fly. And as a bonus, how to change the page title. Have a good time Visit http://www.unigui.com.br for project packs, exclusive material, demos, examples, books, and our full-fledged RDP course. Several other examples also available for
  4. Hi We would like to integrate general help system (for example) in our application. It will be nice if help button can be placed in the right side of form captions(title) (near to standard close button) ; So, my question is what is the right way to add custom buttons in the form captions Thnaks Kamen
  5. Hi guys, When trying to change the height of the title in the panel using event "render" of panel function render(sender, eOpts) { var header = sender.header; header.setHeight(5); } A space the size of the removed height of the title is added to the bottom of the panel The title of the text also does not appear. But I can solve manipulating the CSS class .x-panel-header-text-container-default But the question of spacing can not solve. How to solve this problem? TitlePanel.rar
  6. Hi all, I wonder if it's possible to specify the TITLE for an image cell in a DBGrid. It would be useful to show the hint/tooltip for the image/icon. The righe place should be OnDrtawColumnCell, but there as far as I can see there is only the possibility to specify the font, the color and the style. Something like that: <div unselectable="on" class="x-grid-cell-inner " title="my title"> <img src="/cache/medreferti_exe/res/__D5E09C51619AD97C38D717BA.png" width="24" height="24"> </div> thanks Andrea
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