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Found 7 results

  1. uniGUI DOES SESSION TIMEOUT PROPERLY There is nothing worst than lazy people using your program and keeping it open taking resources (DB access, memory, CPU time) and not paying homage to your wonderful work , hey ? They just leave there paying no attention whatsoever !!! I hate those lazy Btds people ! So, what about a solution to detect idle UI time at browser's side and alerts the user showing the real time left to close the session ? "No problemo, I got you back boy !!!" Seriously, when you have 50-100 concurrent sessions and not planning to expand to Hyper Server, it m
  2. I need help with my application I'm having this error Project1.exe: 000015F8: 11:16:04 []: EUniSessionException: Invalid session or session timeout. (Session not found: 23_VVwFj8bixu1079F49B9): Addr: $ 00767622 the application is over 300 simultaneous accesses, but it is not taking it anymore, what can I do more with the hyperserver to improve?
  3. Which is the best issue for debug code? When via Delphi follow step by Step by instrunctio debugging, quicly appear the "Socket error" message, or the "Session expired" message and it is not possible to continue. and immediatelly after: and raises a lot of messages whose icons are shown below! and the only way out is to reset the IDE ...
  4. Guys, is there a way to capture the remaining time for a session to expire? My project expires with 10 minutes, but I would like to display this time. Thank you Julio Cesar
  5. In code I build a large PDF file full of images that takes about 70 seconds. During the build process uniGUI shows "connection error, communication failure" and retry's many times (about 7 off memory) till finally the file is built and displayed with connection reestablished. How do we keep the connection live during this build ? UniServerModule.SessionTimeout:= 600000; // 600secs (10mins) // Not Reached. procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleSessionTimeout(ASession: TObject; var ExtendTimeOut: Integer); // Not Called begin // 600 (10mins) UniApplication.Destroy; end;
  6. Mobil Uygulamamın içindeki WebBrowserla unigui Server'a bağlanıyorum.İlk bağlantıdan sonra timeout sorunu ortaya çıkıyor.Formda anlatılan çözümleri denedim fakat bir sonuç alamadım.Timeout pasif etmenin bir yolu yokmudur.Unigui Version :
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