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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to hide the TabSheet by checking the TabVisible Option for False and the TabVisibleBar for False, both in Runtime and in designe and it is not working. I’m still viewing the Tabs. How should I proceed ? Note: UniGUI MOBILE
  2. When I use the PageControl with 3 tabsheets, I end up with a problem. I start with all three tabs VISIBLE. And depending on the login credentials from my login screen, I will remove a tab. So, I set tabsheet3.tabvisible to false. Basically my code sets the tabsheet3 to false no matter what, THEN if they appear like a super user, I set the tabvisible to TRUE. The dissappointing thing is that now the CURRENT ACTIVE tab then becomes tabsheet 3. Is the active tab supposed to CHANGE? I had tabsheet 1 set as the active, and then I set the tabvisible on TS3 to false and then set the tabvisible on TS3 to true and then POOF, my actiive TS is now TS3. Huh. Is it supposed to work this way? Is there a way to make these controls behave as close as possible to the way the VCL works? Thanks Davie
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