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Found 5 results

  1. I am creating a view with a dynamic grid where the user will choose whether the result is ordered by value or value, but even if it is not ordered by sql or result it is not ordering by value or quantity, only when the result is clicked in the value or quantity column it orders, so there is no dynamic grid when the checkbox is marked as ordered in the quantity column and when it is value, in the value column
  2. Hello everyones! (: I just noticed what seem to be an issue with column moving and sorting (Has not tested it on recent build; mine is 1458): Just take demo project GridColumnSort and add Grid Option "dgColumnMove". Then apply a sorting on second column. ThereAfter, take column three, and move it to second position. It is still second column that is sorted even though it is suppose to be the third one due to the column movement.. Any workaround ? Regards,
  3. I am using a UniStringGrid and have added some code to sort based on the header column cell that is clicked. What I would like to do is display the sorting arrows to indicate which column is currently sorted and whether it is sorted ascending or descending. Is it possible to show the arrows and to set which arrow is visible?
  4. How can I sort certain top-level menu item defined in TUniMainMenu? We have few menus that contain quite a few items and we must sort them alphabetically. I can't do this in design-time because we support multiple languages in user interface and obviously those menu entires will be sorted differently depending which language is selected. For example: "MENU-2" needs to be sorted. MENU-1 MENU-2 MENU-3 A C A B F B D C B A E Thank you in advance. // Mika
  5. Hello Guys, I'm testing uniGUI Trial version, I would like to know how can I sort each columns of a Desktop UniDbGrid. I tried to follow GridColumnSort demo that is ClientDataSet, but I'm using FireDac. So at MainForm I did: //OnColumnSort event procedure TMainForm.UniDBGrid1ColumnSort(Column: TUniDBGridColumn; Direction: Boolean); begin UniMainModule.SortColumn(Column.FieldName, Direction); end; And at MainModule: uses DB, DBClient; procedure TUniMainModule.SortColumn(const FieldName: string; Dir: Boolean); begin if Dir then Main.MainForm.FDQuery1.Inde
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