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Found 10 results

  1. Dear all, We are developing UNIGUI mobile web application with online banking transfer. We need to send an encrypted and signed JSON request to the BANK server. Obviously the bank has very tight security protocol need to follow. They only allowed the JSON request coming from registered IP , which is our unigui server site. We already did testing the json request and receive successfully from the server site use normal desktop application. It's involved PGP encryption, json, and HTTP requests component. My problem is because our user use mobile to access the unigui and need
  2. Dear all, I am using unigui standalone version 1.7 and put in our server. Since we have a new version of unigui 1.9 , we want to upgrade the version of the unigui to new 1.9 We are using stand alone as our server apps. Can give us advice on how to do the correct way ?, we already try to install the unigui 1.9 Runtime . but not working. So currently we revert back to 1.7
  3. Hi to all, TUniGUIServerLimits.AntiFloodPerIP Could you provide some details about this property There is no sufficient information about it in help system. How it behave if application is in Hyper-server mode Thanks Kamen
  4. Good day Uploading a 50MB executable takes long when you have a slow connection. Could you add a feature to upload a compressed file (7z, zip, etc) to speed up the upload process. The compressed file would then have to be unzipped once completed. Thank you for a fantastic product.
  5. I'm having problem showing file from server on PDFFrame. I shared a folder from server with my account like so \\SomeServer\SomeFolder\ . When I try to show some file from shared folder I get massage : Message: file origin does not match viewer's. pdfFrame.PdfURL:= '\\SomeServer\SomeFolder\SomeFile.pdf'; is giving me above result. What should be done for resolution?
  6. Remote deployment is very useful, but would be more practical if some features exists: - In an environment with many connected users and multiple nodes, when it is detected that a new version is available, show a message that the user would have X minutes or force to close the application. Hyper Server would send a message to the TUniServerModule of each application that could display that message to the user. - Capture remotely the information of several servers running Hyper Server, and thus with an administration centralized know to be there are many crashes and excess
  7. Hi, Can someone explain what is the property ISAPIOptions -> AsyncMode, in Server Module ? I had a problem with ExportToFilter(quick report), then checking option to 'true', I solved this.
  8. I am application software developer using Delphi since long time back from Delphi 5 to RAD Studio. My development includes Core Banking, Insurance, Accounting, POS, Inventory etc. All of them are thick client desktop application. After going through the demo and forum, uniGUI looks great components and tools for porting desktop application to web applications in Delphi as there are more demands from customer to change to web enabled application. Now I would like to know following so that I can convert Banking and Insurance software to web enabled application using uniGUI: 1. How t
  9. Hi! I created a project in XE5, Firebird, uniGUI 095. Everything works beautiful, localhost. The problem: I created an account on an external server, Windows 64b, installed the necessary files of unigui application on the server, firebird 2.5 ... BUT, to put my system on the server to test, here it does not work! In the browser (another machine) gives a message: "An Exception has occured in application: Access violation at address 0093752F in module 'sistema.exe'. Read of address 00000000 " and nothing else! Can anyone tell me why it does not work? You are missing something I did not do? A sys
  10. fabricio1970


    I wonder what the maximum the customer server supports the unigui without losing performace. and would also like to know if you have as usalo without putting the ip + port by exchanging link www.pointltda.com.br/8080
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