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Found 6 results

  1. If I modify the HTML code via the Source Edit option in a UniHTMLMemo and then exit the Source Edit, the contents of the HTML memo doesn't update. How can I refresh the contents in the HTMLMemo after someone has edited the HTML source so that the changes are visible?
  2. Hi, With the Html- and AfterScript-properties of TUniHTMLFrame, I managed to obtain a nice Highcharts graph. What is the code to 'refresh' or to 'repaint' the chart, this is the contents of the TUniHTMLFrame ? Thank you in advance.
  3. Some of our customers are having weird problems with our uniGUI software. I updated uniGUI to the latest version yesterday and at least some customers are getting AJAX-errors, duplicate entries in uniDBGrid and so on. I troubleshooted the problem with one of our customers and I asked him to clear cache or try another browser (He was using IE 11). He tried to use Chrome and everything worked as expected. One another customer cleared cache and that seemed to solve problem for her. I can't reproduce any of the errors and problem they're having so it's really difficult to fix something that doesn't seem to be broken. Is there something I'm missing here? What can I do to to solve this issue? Is there a way to instruct clients browser to fetch all the uniGUI files again effectively refreshing them? Is this cache related at all? If not, what should I do to prevent these kind of situations in the future when I update uniGUI to new version? Please advice. // Mika
  4. I have a Chart that has it's Datasource.Data changed externally and I need to tell the Chart to Refresh - please advise - thanks. UniSession.AddJS(MainForm.UniChart2.UniBarSeries1.JSName+'.DataSource.Refresh;');
  5. Hi everybody, I have created a mobile application with a lot of controls and when scrolling down and up using an android system the application stops/quits as soon as it starts refreshing and that will happen as soon as i scroll, but on the iphone it works good, anybody having the same issues ? Best Regards Christian
  6. I made a simple screen with 2 DBEdit fields, a DBGrid and DBNavigator pointing to a FDTable. For now usually works all the features, but if Teclo F5 and then with your mouse click on a cell of the DBGrid data simply disappear and the controls are inactive. Can you tell me if this is a bug? Thank you.
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