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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm trying to change TabBarVisible property of UnimTabPanel by false but it's not working anymore in version In previously version was (1531), but now don't. And later i use the sample which i think it will work, but unsunccesfully: UniSession.AddJS(UnimTabPanel.JSName + '.tabBarVisible.Hide();'); or these one into befoneInit event's: function beforeInit(sender, config) { tabBarVisible = Hide; } But, unfortunately, none of these above has worked. Is there any workaround for this, or link i don't see in post's before? Really appreciate any help!
  2. Hi people! Is there a way to assing an "id" or a "name" property to a component to be used in the conversion to html code? I want to set a inputMask (using the ExtEvents >> afterrender) to a Unidbedit that depends on the value of another Unidbedit, for example: UniDbedit1 must have the inputmask "999.999.999-99" if Unidbedit2 equals to "F", otherwise the inputmask should be "99.999.999/9999-99". On afterrender event, I don't know how to access the value of the Unidbedit2. Looking the html code generated, it looks like: <input id="O5D4_id-inputEl" data-ref="inputEl" size="1" name="O5D4"... If I could assing an acquainted name to "id" or "name" propery I wiil be able to define the correct inputmask. Thanks in advance! Marcos
  3. I like the look and feel of the mobile stuff. I would like a little extra space vertically. And as such, I am trying to figure out how to.... Make browser tool bar at the top invisible. For example: On Android phone, I see the chrome tool bar with the URL etc... Dynamically set ShowTitle to FALSE so that I don't lose that quarter of an inch at the top with the dark blue bar.... In landscape mode this is important. Less important in portrait mode. Change some kind of scaling property so that my whole screen is smaller (smaller font, smaller graphics etc... just like changing resolution of your desktop). Change the row height or column header height of a unimDBGrid I have explored #4 by using all kinds of EXTevents and UNIevents and placing code in the onCreate method etc.. No luck of any kind. I would imagine that this is a popular question. I don't even mind if it's as crude as chaning the whole display resolution. IE: The whole screen is affected, as opposed to just a particular control. I just need a few more rows of display space. I am using version Thanks Davie
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