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Found 3 results

  1. greetings, the issue is bad performance when opening one of the biggest forms in my program. While in VCL desktop version it takes a few seconds (like 3-4) for the form to open, in uniGUI it takes about 40 seconds. this is unacceptable. I am aware that this form is quite huge, having around 1200 individual components (all of which were put on the form in the designer (.dfm)). creating this many components takes time, but 40 seconds is way too much. like 4-5 seconds would be acceptable. as a test case, please see attached picture below. it's a newly created project, and the only thing it does is creating instances of TUniComboBox. I timed how long it takes for the form to open by using the FormCreate (you could use FormShow for this, doesnt matter much) and FormAfterShow events. you can interact with the form only after it is shown, so FormAfterShow makes sense to use. as you can see, in this instance it took 47 (usually between 40 and 45) seconds for the form to open. this is an enormous amount of time, considering nothing else is being done. the only thing the user can do is sit around and wait (and maybe fall alseep). please let me know how i can get this tremendous amount of time down to an acceptable level, or significantly improve performance as soon as possible. thank you, snow
  2. Good morning. I am developing an application in uniGUI. However I came across something scary recently: By placing the application on the server in the cloud, the application was running for a week nonstop some users began during this period to do some tests. The problem came as I went to visit the server via remote connection and came across the application consuming 98% of CPU and memory !!! It can not exist. Do any of you have any idea about what may be happening or any tips, or perhaps a best practice of how to avoid this extremely wasteful consumption of the server machine? Grateful. Bom dia pessoal. Estou desenvolvendo uma aplicação em uniGUI. No entanto me deparei com algo assustador recentemente: Ao colocar a aplicação no Servidor, na nuvem, o aplicativo ficou rodando por uma semana Ininterruptamente e alguns usuários começaram neste período a fazer alguns testes. Até aí normal. O problema veio quanto eu fui visitar o servidor via conexão remota e deparei com a aplicação consumindo 98% da CPU e Memória!!! Isso não pode existir. Alguém de vocês tem alguma ideia sobre o que pode estar acontecendo ou alguma dica, ou talvez uma melhor prática de como evitar esse consumo extremamente exagerado da máquina servidora? Grato.
  3. vbdavie

    Chart is slow

    Hey, I noticed that the charting seems SLOW. If I have less than 50 items or so, it seems "reasonable". Not fast, but acceptable. But if I have 300 points, then WOW, it's slow. And if I add several series then it's a magnified slowness. Basically, I have a stock chart with 5 series in it. The differeent series keep track of different kinds of data over the same date range. I keep track of ONE YEAR (365 days) of data. It takes about 6 seconds for the graph to build and unlock the web page. So, if I have built the chart it takes a while to show it completly. OR if the chart is in a TAB, and I switch tabs to a non chart tab, it is fast, THEN I switch BACK to the chart with many points, THEN i have to wait many seconds before I can click on other things. Have you any experience in this? I turned off animate and it didn't make "much" of a difference. Seems like a lot of people would be complaining about this. Davie P.S. I edited out EXTREMELY and SUPER slow... to be more accurate.
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