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Found 2 results

  1. surensiddhi

    How to catch Modal Result

    How to catch the modal result returned from the called form. Following code works fine in Delphi but it is not working in UniGUI. if GetSQLParaForm.ShowModal = mrOK then // Get the parameter values for the SQL Statement begin //show the result set with the parameters set in GetSQLParaForm GridViewForm.ShowModal; end; In GetSQLParaForm UniButton is ModalResult is set to mrOK ; // does not work procedure TGetSQLParaForm.UniBitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Modalresult := mrOK; // this also does not work; end; Any one know the alternative way to handle this.
  2. With the understanding that there is NO SUCH THING as a "blocking" modal form, How would I turn my windows logic into uniGUI logic<web logic> ? This is my pseudo-code that I would like to transform into using NON-BLOCKING web-ified code. Please keep in mind that I have only used this system for about 20 hours, so I'm pretty much a NEWBIE at this. 40 years experience at programing and 30 years with pascal and 16 years with Delphi. Procedure GetProperAge(Var Age:Integer); Var IRA:Boolean; IRA_LotsOfMoney:Boolean; IAmStupid:Boolean; Begin Age:=ReadAge; IAmStupid:=False; IRA_LotsOfMoney:=False; If Age>70 Then Begin If MessageDlg('Are you taking money from IRA?',[mbYes,mbNo]) = mrYes Then Begin IRA:=True; If MessageDlg('Do you take a lot of money?',[mbYes,mbNo]) = mrYes Then IRA_LotsOfMoney:=True End Else Begin IRA:=False; If MessageDlg('Are you stupid?',[mbYes,mbNo]) = mrYes Then IAmStupid:=True; End; End; If IAmStupid Then DoSomeStupidLogic If IRA_LotsOfMoney Then DoOtherLogic // Now save the data SaveMySettings(IRA_LotsOfMoney,IAmStupid); End; // My function that ends up calling the GetProperAge procedure Procedure SomeFunction; Var Age:Integer; Begin ... GetProperAge(Age); ... more logic ... End; What would the web-ified code look like. When going from non object oriented code to object oriented code, there were key "concepts" that helped to understand it. When going from DOS based code, where the program would monitor keystrokes, and then going to event driven windows programming, there were key "concepts" that helped to understand it. I am not stupid, but I must admit, I am having a heck of a time trying to visualize how to convert this simple code over to the web-ified version that would work in the uniGUI system Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Davie