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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, i'm searching to copy selected text from a UniMemo1 to clipboard and paste text from clipboard to Unimemo2. can you give me a solution please ? Thank you;
  2. Using a UniDBMemo bound to a DBGrid Column - How Do We Keep The Grid Editor From Displaying Multi-Line Text (we do not want to expand the Grid Row Height - show first line only) ?
  3. I am using Locked columns in a DBGrid. In the DBGrid there is a column with DisplayMemo = True, and Editor = UniMemo1. When the DBGrid is shown, at first time, the locked columns appear with default height. After (at right) the locked columns, the height of the lines vary depending on the text on Memo Column. It is show in the image below. The only way I have found to correct the heights is when the form is resized. The result is that all lines in all columns are with the correct height. See the image below. How can the DBGrid appears correctly when the frame is show
  4. sysjames

    Spell Check

    What would be the best way to implement a spell check feature in one of the memo components? Has anyone done this?
  5. So, I have a customer that copy/paste info on the memo that a client of his always send to them whenever they want to buy something. Problem is, this info is separated by line breaks, and my client doesn't want it to. I saw a lot of techniques using event listeners and alikes but I couldn't figure out how to make it work with unigui. This is a js fiddle that I found (changed a bit) with exactly how I want my memo to behave. I don't know, nor did I found out, how to translate this to use in unigui and where/when to put it. My application is desktop based.
  6. Hi I already to display memo to true. Is it possible to display memo field in grid with line break ?
  7. I have a TunimMemo which defaults to displaying 2.5 lines of text - how do I set the Viewing Text Canvas Height (height, flex and config.minHeight does not change it) ?
  8. Hi, I would like to display/edit a memo field in a unidbgrid, my code is as below : ClientDataSet1.FieldDefs.Add('Remark', ftmemo,200 ); ClientDataSet1.CreateDataSet; Clientdataset1.Close; AField := clientdataset1.FieldDefs[0].CreateField(clientdataset1); ClientDataSet1.Active := True; ClientDataSet1.AppendRecord(['line1, line2... in memo']); My problem is : if displaymemo = false then the DBgrid will show the word (memo) within the cell. if set set displaymemo := true, I can see the memo content but I was not able to edit it. Is there a way whe
  9. Hello, i 'm creating a memo at runtime but it doesn't appear on the form, can you explain please what's wrong with this code ? var MyMemo:TuniMemo; begin MyMemo:= TUniMemo.Create(Self); MyMemo.Name:='MyMemo'; MyMemo.Left:=10; MyMemo.Top:=10; MyMemo.Width:=164; MyMemo.Height:=89; MyMemo.Hint:=''; MyMemo.Visible:=true; MyMemo.BringToFront; end; Test.zip
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